Environmental Studies at UVM

ENVS 150 Conservation of Jaguars in Belize

This study abroad hybrid course begins with an online component to introduce students to the science and art of tracking and to examine local and regional Vermont wildlife corridor planning. In Belize students will engage wildlife researchers regarding the development of an international wildlife corridor for the jaguar and track with the biologists and indigenous wildlife trackers in the jaguar preserve. Additionally, tropical ecosystems, Mayan civilization, and human influences on biodiversity will be explored. The online component spans approximately four weeks with a workload equivalent to a 1-credit course. Students will be evaluated with a combination of field assignments and related journal reflections and discussion posts including a final project compiling and comparing their understanding of Vermont and Belize wildlife corridor conservation planning. For more info contact instructors Michael Kessler or Joe Kreuzman. Instructor permission required.


Michael Kessler

Joe Kreuzman




Spring Break Course, Spring, Hybrid Course - online and in person, Cross-Listed Course

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