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Computer Sleep Mode

What is Sleep Mode?

Energy Star

Sleep Mode is an Energy Star program that sets your computer to turn off its monitor after 10, 15 or 20 minutes. By enabling Sleep Mode on your computer, you could save from 100-600 kWh per year depending on your computer-use habits. For the average computer user the savings are 200 kWh per year.

How much energy can UVM save with Sleep Mode?

If all 8,000 computer monitors on the UVM campus used Sleep Mode the University could save 1.6 million kWh every year. That amount of energy savings is equal to:

  • Preventing the emissions of 150 cars for a full year
  • Planting 367 acres of trees
  • Saving 64,000 gallons of gasoline
  • Saving $160,000 in energy costs

Will it turn off my hard drive?

Sleep Mode does NOT turn off your hard drive, it only turns off your monitor. Monitors use about 80% of the energy consumed by a personal computer so the energy savings are significant.

Will it damage my computer?

No. Running Sleep Mode does not damage your computer. It simply turns off your monitor once it has been left idle for a set amount of time. When you return to the computer you can continue working on what you were doing before you left.

How do I wake my monitor?

A simple touch of the mouse or keyboard "wakes" the monitor within seconds

Do screen savers save energy?

Contrary to common belief, screen savers do NOT save energy. The monitor uses the same amount of energy when running a screen saver as when you are working. Sleep Mode will not erase or disenable your screen saver. The EZWizard software asks the user if the screen saver settings should be adjusted so that it will come on for a few minutes before the monitor goes to sleep.

How do I enable Sleep Mode on my computer?

The ability for your computer to "sleep" already exists on your computer but the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has made it easy to enable by running their EZWizard program. Sleep Mode was automatically enabled on all UVM network computers using the EZSave software, also provided by the EPA, in summer 2003. However, students living in residence halls or off campus can easily enable Sleep Mode by going to and click on EZWizard . With one click of the mouse you can enable Sleep Mode on your machine. If you run into problems there are also directions on the website to turn it on manually within Control Panel.

What if my monitor doesn't wake up?

It is a rare occurrence, but some computer monitors do not wake up by touching the keys or mouse. If this happens restart your computer, then go to the EPA Power Management website (as seen above) and run the EZWizard software off the Energy Star website again to reset the monitor to its original settings.

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