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ABIGAIL CARROLL delights in uncovering the stories behind the foods we eat. She is an author and food historian who has taught in the Gastronomy Program at Boston University and has published articles in a variety of publications, including the New York Times. She holds a PhD in American Studies from Boston University and makes her home in Vermont, where she enjoys frequenting local farmers' markets.

ALBERTO CITARELLA is the University of Vermont Budget Director.

AMANDA MCINTIRE, SPHR is a member of the Human Resource Services Management Consulting Solutions team. She has worked for over a decade in the HR profession as a Recruiter, Training Coordinator, Employee Advisor and most recently, Management Consultant.

AMANDA WAITE is web news editor in University Communications. She writes for and edits UVM Today and ThisWeek@UVM and helps manage the University's Twitter (@uvmvermont), Facebook (, YouTube (, and Instagram ( accounts.

BARBARA L. JOHNSON specializes in designing management practices and reward systems that strengthen and encourage high performing individuals and teams.

DAN BRISSON serves as a Network Engineer in ETS Telecommunications and Network Services.  He's been with the University for approximately 4 years, formerly spending 10 years as a Network Engineer at IDX Systems/GE Healthcare. These days he's staying busy increasing Wi-Fi coverage across campus as well as working with other Northeast based schools on a regional research and education network.

DANA HUTCHINSON is the Recruitment and Retention Advisor for AAEO. Dana spent numerous years investigating discrimination complaints and her focus has shifted to hiring, retention, and education.

DARCY PIENTKA is the Assistant Director of College of Medicine Technology Services, where she has served for the last nine years. She started in academia at Middlebury College and then worked at Dominican University near Chicago before returning to Vermont. Her current work includes enhancing security measures at the College of Medicine.

DAVID CARLSON is the Coordinator of Student Veteran Services at UVM where he uses his knowledge and experience to support student veterans as they transition from the military to academia. He provides veteran informed training to UVM faculty and staff, with the focus of creating a more inclusive community for student veterans. David served from 2004 - 2008 in the United States Marine Corps as an Infantry Assault man, and deployed twice in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, fighting in Fallujah, Iraq in 2005 and Ramadi, Iraq in 2006. In April of 2006, David received a Certificate of Commendation for actions while under direct enemy fire and earned a coveted spot in Marine Corps Squad Leader’s School at the Advanced Infantry Training Center. David deployed with the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) during 2007 - 2008, focusing on training junior Marines in current combat tactics, techniques and procedures. After completing his contractual requirements with the Marines, David made the transition to academia, using the Post 9/11 GI Bill to attend the University of Vermont.

DEAN WILLIAMS serves as the University's Information Security Officer. He works with the Information Security Operations Team to address a wide range of information security needs. He's also responsible for ETS Account Services, the group that helps people with forgotten passwords, calendar accounts, e-mail lists, and other aspects of their UVM digital identities. He views his job as helping students, faculty and staff work with information safely and securely.

DON TRIPP is UVM's PeopleSoft System Administrator. He is also a member of the Information Security Operations Team and has been with the University for 11 years. He previously worked in IT consulting for 6 years, providing onsite technical expertise to clients in 7 US states plus a pleasant stint in Ireland. Prior jobs included IT work in the Finance and Government sectors. His college education and first IT job were right here at UVM.

DONNA MARTIN is a member of the HRS Research and Analysis Team and has 15 years of experience in classification at UVM.

DOT BRAUER completed an M.A. in psychology in 1992 and worked as a mental health counselor at UVM before becoming the director of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, & Advocate Center in 2001. During her 20+ years working in higher education, Dot has been particularly interested in social and organizational change processes and the role of education in social justice. She has provided lectures, workshops and trainings on a range of LGBTQ, mental health, and interpersonal communication issues. Dot is currently working on her doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at the University of Vermont.

EMMA SWIFT is a member of the International Student Services team in the Office of International Education. She is interested in issues of acculturation, immigration, student development, cross-cultural communication, and helping international students create enriching and meaningful experiences during their time in the USA.

GAIL SHAMPNOIS is the Director of the Office of Student & Community Relations. She has spent over two decades working on developing collaborations between UVM and the residents and government of Burlington. She has been working with RP for years. She is currently helping to organize a conference at UVM on Restorative Justice for summer 2014.

GINNIE GUDE leads the HRS Research and Analysis Team. She has 25 years of experience in classification and compensation at UVM.

HEATHER COCHRAN is the Assistant Director of Conference and Event Services for Scheduling and Production. She is the EMS administrator on campus.

HENRIETTA PAZ-AMOR, MSIN. has been a part of UVM for 10 years. She works at the Center for Teaching and Learning as a Senior Faculty Professional Development Specialist, Hybrid Course Designer & TechCATs Program Co-coordinator. As a part of her job, she offers educational, technical and wellness workshops and individual consultations. Mindfulness and wellness are areas of great interest to her. She loves gadgets and puzzles.

HOLLY WILKINSON, M.Ed. is Assistant Director at UVM Career Center. She assists students and alumni in exploring making a living and a life. Expressing joy is one of her daily practices.

HOLLY ZANES is an Employee Advisor in Human Resources Services at UVM. Holly has served in each of the HRS specialties over her career at UVM. Her current work helping employees navigate career milestones such as retirement is very rewarding.

JEFF BUKOWSKI, Ed.D. is the Administrator for the Staff Council and a recent graduate of the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Program in the College of Education and Social Services.

JILL JEMISON is the Director of Technology Services at the University of Vermont College of Medicine. She served as the 2011-12 chair of the Association of American Medical College’s (AAMC) Group on Information Resources (GIR). Jill joined the UVM College of Medicine staff in 2002, helped launch the College’s COMET system, and serves as a member of the AAMC GIR Professional Development Subcommittee. A former chair of the AAMC Education Technology Special Interest Group, she was selected as one of 30 Fellows nationwide to participate in the AAMC GIR Leadership Development Institute in July 2006.

JOE BEAUDRY is a Life Safety Technician in the Physical Plant Department, responsible for the inspection and testing of fire protection equipment at UVM. Joe is a Certified Fire Education Officer. He served the City of St. Albans for 37 years as a Firefighter and Fire Lieutenant, before retiring as the city's Fire Chief.

JOEL SHAPIRO serves as the Director of HRS Organizational Services. He has been with the University over 20 years, formerly serving as the Director of the Employee Assistance Program and Work/Life Services. His current work involves providing HR consultation services with a special emphasis on organization development.

JOHN MEJIA has worked at UVM for over 13 years. His major interests include community development, sustainability, social justice education, and restorative practices

JOHN MARCUS is the University Fire Marshal working in the Department of Risk Management and Safety. John is a Certified Fire Protection Specialist and a Charter Member of the Center for Campus Fire Safety. He earned an AAS in Fire Science Technology from Pikes Peak Community College (CO) and a BA from the University of Vermont. Before returning to UVM, John was a part-time ski patroller and full-time firefighter/EMT for 21 years, retiring at the rank of Battalion Chief.

JUEFEI WANG Professor Emeritus in education, is an experienced leader in programs for teaching about Asia. Beginning to teach about China in Vermont schools in 1985, he has assisted in establishing the China Project that trained more than 300 teachers in the state between 1986 and 1992, founded the Asian Studies Outreach Program at the University of Vermont, created a statewide program for Asian studies in schools in Vermont, designed dozens of programs on China and Asia for educators and students, organized programs for more than 1,000 educators and students to visit China, Japan, and Thailand, received hundreds of visiting educators from China and other Asian countries, and initiated many school-to-school exchange programs. Dr. Wang has published extensively in international education and comparative education. He holds two Master's degrees in education and a doctoral degree in educational leadership and policy studies.

KIM MARTIN has been in the field of Student Affairs for more than 15 years and has a wide array of interests including coaching, reading, parenting, resolving conflict and spending time outside.

KHRISTIAN KEMP DeLISSER, Ed.D is the Coordinator for Assessment & Retention at the University of Vermont ALANA Student Center (ASC). He provides advisement and guidance to students to support their general development as college students at UVM. Specifically, he is the Director of the Summer Enrichment Scholars Program (SESP) and promotes leadership and community development for SESP alums. Other duties include promoting and supporting the assessment efforts at the ASC, gathering data and trends helpful to understanding student of color retention.

KIT ARDELL graduated from UVM in 1970 and has worked in Student Financial Services for 18 years. Her great joy is helping students create a plan to be financially successful during their time at UVM and following graduation. She is married to a UVM alumni and has three daughters—all graduates of UVM.

LARA SCOTT spends time studying and thinking about ethics and integrity, social justice and leadership. Her interests include athletics, nature and wellness.

LESLIE PARR has served as ADA Liaison for UVM Faculty and Staff for many years. She works in the Human Resource Services Department where she is a member of the Management Consulting Solutions Team.

LINA BALCOM is the Assistant Director of Operations and Event Services, Dudley H. Davis Center. She has been involved with the EMS rollout and is the secondary campus administrator of the software.

LUCY A. SINGER joined the UVM General Counsel's Office in 2005 and currently serves as Senior Associate Counsel. She holds a bachelor's degree from Southwest Missouri State University, a graduate degree in Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis, and a Juris Doctor degree from St. Louis University School of Law.

LYNN BUDNIK is the Talent Acquisition Expert in Human Resource Services. She has over thirty years of experience in recruitment, hiring and community outreach.

LYNNE MEEKS is a Network Engineer in Telecommunications and Network Services who devotes significant time to her role on the Information Security Operations Team. She has been with the University of Vermont for 30 years, previously working in ETS Systems and Desktop support.

MEGAN BOUCHER, PHR is an Employee Advisor in Human Resource Services. In her advisor role, she provides guidance and resources to employees around a variety of workplace issues. Megan has assisted employees from all levels of the institution with their retirement planning.

MELODY BROWN BURKINS is the Senior Director for Research and Strategic Initiatives at the University of Vermont. Committed to the successful advancement of research and scholarship across disciplines, Melody has held a variety of strategic management roles at UVM, including Associate Dean in the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, Director of Federal Relations, and Director of the Northeastern States Research Cooperative. Since 2008, she has also served as Director of the Vermont Advanced Computing Core (VACC), UVM's supercomputing resource. An earth systems scientist who had the honor of working for U.S. Senator Leahy in Washington, D.C., Burkins is also an advocate for active science and policy engagement in Vermont and beyond. Outside of UVM, she serves as Chair of the U.S. National Committee to the International Union of Geological Sciences and on the Governing Council of the Science Policy Exchange. She is also a member of the State of Vermont's Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy committee and serves on the board of Vermont's non-profit Energy Action Network.

MIKE KESSLER is a member of the HRS Management Consulting team who has been drawing diagrams of complex business, process, and systems issues throughout his career. His diagrams have been used in boardroom presentations, business reorganizations, and research projects. However, the power of visual communications was first experienced as an internal auditor presenting findings to a diverse audience—if agreement upon the written word seemed impossible, the same information could often be agreed to when presented as a "visual."

MIV LONDON is a Senior Staff Psychologist serving the Center for Health and Wellbeing. Miv earned her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Yale and her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Stanford. She had a variety of positions prior to coming to UVM including staff psychologist at two psychiatric hospitals, a faculty member at Northern Arizona University, and Director of Adult Outpatient Services at Washington County Mental Health Services in Montpelier. She enjoys helping UVM students from all walks of life. Her greatest interest is in the practice of mindfulness and its application to address anxiety, depression, and other life difficulties. In 1999 she co-founded the UVM Mindfulness Practice Center and continues to be involved in its growth and development.

NICK HARTSHORN is a Team Lead within the Administrative Business Service Center, serving the Division of University Relations and Administration. He has extensive experience with Excel and VBA and also teaches a Learning Services course on Advanced Pivot Tables.

PATRICK BROWN received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Florida, his Master and Specialist of Education in Counselor Education from the University of Florida, and his Doctorate of Education in Educational Administration and Leadership from the University of Vermont. He is currently the Director of Student Life and the Dudley H. Davis Center at the University of Vermont. During his 33 year tenure at the University of Vermont Pat has served as Assistant Director of Student Activities, Director of Student Activities, Interim Associate Dean of Students, and Interim Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs. Pat has also taught undergraduate and graduate courses on a regular basis. Throughout his tenure as a working professional Pat has worked hard to support students as they hold the university accountable to its values of social justice, and has worked equally hard on his own development as a privileged white male

SAM HOOKER is UVM's Information Security Engineer. He returned to his alma mater almost five years ago to work in ETS Systems Architecture and Administration after a decade of consulting and engineering for Internet service providers. He works to support security efforts throughout the University. Sam dreams of a time when consumer-facing information services are invisibly and meaningfully secure so that he can get back to being a musician.

SHARON MONE is Assistant Director of Academic Support Programs Operations and ACCESS Specialist & ACCESS Office manager. She has 18 combined years at UVM.

STEPHEN LUNNA is currently an HRS Learning Services Trainer. He provides skills-based professional development classes to staff. Prior to that he served in the Army and retired in 2011 after 29 years of service. He is active with the Veterans Assistance Committee and certified as an American Society of Training and Development Master Trainer, additionally he is certified at the Bronze level of the Kirkpatrick Four Levels of Evaluation. His skills include operations and training with a strong background in adult experiential learning. He’s traveled extensively throughout the US and Europe, as well as Greenland, Argentina and Afghanistan. He’s climbed Mt. McKinley (Denali) three times. His interests include refereeing soccer where he’s a nationally certified college referee who also instructs advanced and entry level referee courses.

SUE ROBERTS serves as a Patrol Officer and Crime Prevention Coordinator with UVM Police Services.

SUSAN SKALKA is the team lead of the Business Process Re-Engineering Team, which has a dual mission of improving administrative processes on campus and providing support and improvement to the administrative software systems on campus, such as PeopleSoft. She came to UVM in 2004 to lead the Financials part of the PeopleSoft implementation. She has a BA in Philosophy and Math from Macalester College, a MS in Logic, Computation and Methodology from Carnegie Mellon University, and a MPA from UVM. She previously worked at Accenture, Howard Hughes Medical Institute and IDX.

In addition to an extensive background in program development, TARA MESSIER has spent the majority of her career teaching and working at the grassroots level with youth and adults. Tara has extensive curriculum and program design experience including developing interactive and effective social justice trainings as well as technology-related courses. Tara has facilitated at state, regional and national conferences on topics as varied as Communicating Across Differences: MBTI and Culture and Strategic Leadership to Integrate Transgender Identity in the Workplace. She was also part of a Vermont delegation chosen to travel to Russia to facilitate conversations about learning and development with high school teachers, university professors and community workers. Tara is active on campus serving on various committees including the Personal and Professional Development committee of the Staff Council. She is also a member of the Board of Directors for the Northern New England Chapter of CUPA HR where she serves as the President Elect. Tara is certified to administer the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and holds certification as an HR Professional (PHR) from the Society for Human Resource Management.

WANG PING is from Shandong Province in China, where she is a senior and advanced teacher. She has taught English in secondary schools for more than 20 years. She has published many articles on education, and has received awards and prizes at school, city, and provincial levels. She is currently a Visiting Scholar at the University of Vermont and NECI.


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