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ALBERTO CITARELLA is the University of Vermont Budget Director.

AMY BIELAWSKI-BRANCH is the Clinical Coordinator at Invest Employee Assistance Program. Ms. Bielawski-Branch brings over two decades of experience with human service organizations in Vermont. She has several years' experience as a mental health counselor in private practice (Stone House Counseling and Networks) as well as non-profits (Northeastern Family Institute and Spectrum Family Services). She also provides training to foster and adoptive parents through the Child Welfare Training Program. Ms. Bielawski-Branch responds to all UVM work/life requests.

ANNIE STEVENS is responsible for leading the co-curricular programs and services that directly impact the student experience beyond the classroom. She works closely with all of the directors in the division and the staff in the Dean of Students Office. Annie also serves as the Co-Director for the campus Emergency Operations Team.

BRETT NEAL is focused on developing and delivering technology/application training for staff. Before joining UVM, Brett worked in corporate Learning and Development for over 20 years, in industries that included Hospitality, Life Sciences, Telecommunications, Consulting and Wholesale Food Distribution. He has created and conducted training globally, and has focused on assessing employee and organizational needs and developing effective programs that improve employee skills and performance. Brett is an ATD Master Trainer and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

DAVID CARLSON is the Coordinator of Student Veteran Services at UVM where he uses his knowledge and experience to support student veterans as they transition from the military to academia. He provides veteran informed training to UVM faculty and staff, with the focus of creating a more inclusive community for student veterans. David served from 2004 - 2008 in the United States Marine Corps as an Infantry Assault man, and deployed twice in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, fighting in Fallujah, Iraq in 2005 and Ramadi, Iraq in 2006. In April of 2006, David received a Certificate of Commendation for actions while under direct enemy fire and earned a coveted spot in Marine Corps Squad Leader’s School at the Advanced Infantry Training Center. David deployed with the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) during 2007 - 2008, focusing on training junior Marines in current combat tactics, techniques and procedures. After completing his contractual requirements with the Marines, David made the transition to academia, using the Post 9/11 GI Bill to attend the University of Vermont.

DEANNA GARRETT-OSTERMILLER is an Assistant Director in the Center for Student Ethics and Standards, and oversees the Conflict Resolution program as well as the Academic Integrity process.  Outside of work, she enjoys being outside, hiking, and cross-country skiing.

DONNA MARTIN is a member of the HRS Research and Analysis Team and has 15 years of experience in classification at UVM.

EMMA SWIFT is a member of the International Student Services team in the Office of International Education. She is interested in issues of acculturation, immigration, student development, cross-cultural communication, and helping international students create enriching and meaningful experiences during their time in the USA.

EVAN MILLS has had an interest in language and culture ever since he can remember.  He studied language, linguistics, and translation in France and Francophone Canada, his professional travels have also brought him to Panama, the Dominican Republic and China.  Before coming to the University of Vermont he worked for the State University of New York advising and recruiting international students.  In May 2012, he joined UVM's Office of International Education where he focuses his advising on graduate student issues and organizes International Student Orientation.  Being an international student is a challenging experience for anyone. Evan's main goal as an advisor at OIE is to ensure students have the resources they need to succeed both academically and professionally.  When Evan isn't in his office you can probably find him exploring the Adirondack Mountains in his home state of New York.

GINNIE GUDE leads the HRS Research and Analysis Team. She has 25 years of experience in classification and compensation at UVM.

HEATHER COCHRAN is the Assistant Director of Conference and Event Services for Scheduling and Production. She is the EMS administrator on campus.

HENRIETTA PAZ-AMOR, MSIN has been a part of UVM for 10 years. She works at the Center for Teaching and Learning as a Senior Faculty Professional Development Specialist, Hybrid Course Designer & TechCATs Program Co-coordinator. As a part of her job, she offers educational, technical and wellness workshops and individual consultations. Mindfulness and wellness are areas of great interest to her. She loves gadgets and puzzles.

HOLLY ZANES is an Employee Advisor in Human Resources Services at UVM. Holly has served in each of the HRS specialties over her career at UVM. Her current work helping employees navigate career milestones such as retirement is very rewarding.

JEFF BUKOWSKI, Ed.D. is the Administrator for the Staff Council and a recent graduate of the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Program in the College of Education and Social Services.

JENNIFER L. PAPILLO a native Vermonter, joined the Office of the General Counsel in August 2010 in the position of Assistant General Counsel. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Elon University, a Juris Doctor degree from Stetson University College of Law, as well as a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Taxation from Georgetown University Law Center, with a focus on tax exempt organizations and estate planning. Before coming to UVM, Ms. Papillo served as a law clerk for the American Cancer Society, Inc.’s Office of Corporation Counsel in Washington, DC, and a research assistant to Peter F. Lake in the writing of Beyond Discipline: Managing the Modern Higher Education Environment (Hierophant Enterprises, Inc., 2009). Ms. Papillo also worked with Mr. Lake in planning and executing the National Conference on Law and Higher Education in 2008, 2009 and 2010, jointly sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Higher Education Law and Policy at Stetson University College of Law and NASPA.

JES KRAUS leads and oversees all of the AAEO Office's functions, including recruitment and compliance programs. Before joining the staff at UVM in 2011, Jes worked as the director of the Vermont State Employees Association, practiced as an attorney, and served as a police officer. He earned a BS in Government from the US Coastguard Academy and a Juris Doctor (cum laude) from Vermont Law School.

JOE BEAUDRY is a Life Safety Technician in the Physical Plant Department, responsible for the inspection and testing of fire protection equipment at UVM. Joe is a Certified Fire Education Officer. He served the City of St. Albans for 37 years as a Firefighter and Fire Lieutenant, before retiring as the city's Fire Chief.

JOHN MARCUS is the University Fire Marshal working in the Department of Risk Management and Safety. John is a Certified Fire Protection Specialist and a Charter Member of the Center for Campus Fire Safety. He earned an AAS in Fire Science Technology from Pikes Peak Community College (CO) and a BA from the University of Vermont. Before returning to UVM, John was a part-time ski patroller and full-time firefighter/EMT for 21 years, retiring at the rank of Battalion Chief.

JUEFEI WANG , Professor Emeritus in education, is an experienced leader in programs for teaching about Asia. Beginning to teach about China in Vermont schools in 1985, he has assisted in establishing the China Project that trained more than 300 teachers in the state between 1986 and 1992, founded the Asian Studies Outreach Program at the University of Vermont, created a statewide program for Asian studies in schools in Vermont, designed dozens of programs on China and Asia for educators and students, organized programs for more than 1,000 educators and students to visit China, Japan, and Thailand, received hundreds of visiting educators from China and other Asian countries, and initiated many school-to-school exchange programs. Dr. Wang has published extensively in international education and comparative education. He holds two Master's degrees in education and a doctoral degree in educational leadership and policy studies.

KIM HOWARD works in the Office of International Studies. Previously Kim taught English as a foreign language for two years in public junior high schools in Japan.

KIM MARTIN has been in the field of Student Affairs for more than 15 years and has a wide array of interests including coaching, reading, parenting, resolving conflict and spending time outside.

LINA BALCOM is the Assistant Director of Operations and Event Services, Dudley H. Davis Center. She has been involved with the EMS rollout and is the secondary campus administrator of the software.

LUCY A. SINGER joined the UVM General Counsel’s Office in 2005 and currently serves as Senior Associate Counsel. She holds a bachelor's degree from Southwest Missouri State University, a graduate degree in Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis, and a Juris Doctor degree from St. Louis University School of Law.

LYNN BUDNIK is the Talent Acquisition Expert in Human Resource Services. She has over thirty years of experience in recruitment, hiring and community outreach.

MARJORIE DUNKI-JACOBS has had a great life, born in Ohio and moved to Vermont at age 12. Graduated from Champlain College in 1980 as a legal secretary, never worked a day in the field - and found a great life as an IBMer for years before returning to school to become a court stenographer. Realizing spending life where people are vengeful toward each other, she took a job at a family resort and worked there 13 years before coming to UVM. Up until now, nothing bad had ever really happened. She loved UVM and found her home in the College of Education. Feeling like she had finally found the job she had always wanted, life still on the path of goodness. Outside circumstances hit hard with some big bumps and off the horse she was knocked. She left UVM to try and manage all that was happening in her life. Spun around for a bit, attempted a remount, and knocked off again. During this time, she fell into a bermudle triangle of seminars on real estate investing and the power of positive thinking and even though all of her ventures have financially bruised in her in unimaginable ways, she has found a way to crawl out from out and feels more joy and happiness in her life today than ever - no matter what the next wave looks like, because she's learning how to surf - and will always be working at getting better. Gratefully, she was given the opportunity to return to UVM in August of 2014 and understands how to live in gratitude daily. She wants to share with you how she has learned to live joyfully every day - no matter what the circumstances. At 54, her health is better than it was at 24 - and she's just getting started! She attributes that to the Power of Positivity!

In a previous life, MARY MCCLEMENTS was an artist, art teacher and entrepreneur. After the birth of her 2nd child in 2004, Mary changed professions and took the path of career counselor, working specifically with students with unique needs and learning challenges. In 2010, Mary was hired as the Coordinator of Career Training Programs at the Community College of Vermont, and in 2013 came to UVM to fill the new position of Coordinator of Student Employment in the new Student Employment Office. Mary has lived in multiple countries and is originally from Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada where she sometimes traveled by dog sled as a little girl.

MIKE KESSLER is a member of the HRS Management Consulting team who has been drawing diagrams of complex business, process, and systems issues throughout his career. His diagrams have been used in boardroom presentations, business reorganizations, and research projects. However, the power of visual communications was first experienced as an internal auditor presenting findings to a diverse audience—if agreement upon the written word seemed impossible, the same information could often be agreed to when presented as a "visual."

MIKE MCRAITH is the Enosburg Falls Middle School Principal and a 2013 Rowland Fellow. He frequently presents his research and work around building social emotional learning into school culture. His work is rooted in his collaboration with Angela Duckworth and her UPENN Grit Lab.

MYRA HANDY is the Clinical Operations Manager for Invest Employee Assistance Program. She provides management consultations and coordinates clinical and crisis coverage. Myra also presents supervisory and stress management trainings for organizations and leads groups on restoring resiliency following workplace critical incidents.

NICK HARTSHORN is a Team Lead within the Administrative Business Service Center, serving the Division of University Relations and Administration. He has extensive experience with Excel and VBA and also teaches a Learning Services course on Advanced Pivot Tables.

NICK NEGRETE serves as the Assistant Dean of Students within the Division of Student Affairs at UVM. Nick oversees student crisis management, threat assessment, education and prevention efforts, and policies related to student health and safety issues. Additionally, Nick works on student retention initiatives, alcohol education, prevention, and intervention strategies, and leads institutional efforts related to proactive parent engagement. Finally, Nick is currently working on his doctorate degree in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies at the University of Vermont.

PATRICK BROWN received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Florida, his Master and Specialist of Education in Counselor Education from the University of Florida, and his Doctorate of Education in Educational Administration and Leadership from the University of Vermont. He is currently the Director of Student Life and the Dudley H. Davis Center at the University of Vermont. During his 33 year tenure at the University of Vermont Pat has served as Assistant Director of Student Activities, Director of Student Activities, Interim Associate Dean of Students, and Interim Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs. Pat has also taught undergraduate and graduate courses on a regular basis. Throughout his tenure as a working professional Pat has worked hard to support students as they hold the university accountable to its values of social justice, and has worked equally hard on his own development as a privileged white male.

SARAH WARRINGTON is responsible for coordinating and implementing the Campus Advocacy Program's education and training initiatives on sexual violence, relationship violence and stalking. She also serves as the outreach coordinator for the Campus Advocacy Program, working closely, with the Coordinator of Advocacy & Violence Prevention Services to create and foster campus-wide awareness about available services on campus and in the community.

SHERWOOD SMITH was raised on the east coast of the U.S. He moved west for six years, which included earning a B.S. in Zoology from Washington State University. His love for travel has taken him to work in Antarctica, Peace Corps in Tanzania, and Kenya as an Academic Director for the School for International Training program. Sherwood came to the University of Vermont in 1995 on a Doctoral Fellowship. Since then he has served as the Assistant Director of the ALANA Student Center, Director of the Race and Culture Course and currently has appointments as the Senior Executive Director for Engagement & Professional Development under the Division of Human Resources, Diversity & Multicultural Affairs, as the Director of the Center for Cultural Pluralism and a Lecturer under the Department of Leadership & Developmental Sciences. His work involves professional development training for faculty and staff, conducting research and teaching graduate courses in Educational Foundations and undergraduate courses in Human Development & Family Studies.

SUE ROBERTS serves as a Patrol Officer and Crime Prevention Coordinator with UVM Police Services.

SUSAN SKALKA is the team lead of the Business Process Re-Engineering Team, which has a dual mission of improving administrative processes on campus and providing support and improvement to the administrative software systems on campus, such as PeopleSoft. She came to UVM in 2004 to lead the Financials part of the PeopleSoft implementation. She has a BA in Philosophy and Math from Macalester College, a MS in Logic, Computation and Methodology from Carnegie Mellon University, and a MPA from UVM. She previously worked at Accenture, Howard Hughes Medical Institute and IDX.

In addition to an extensive background in program development, TARA MESSIER has spent the majority of her career teaching and working at the grassroots level with youth and adults. Tara has extensive curriculum and program design experience including developing interactive and effective social justice trainings as well as technology-related courses. Tara has facilitated at state, regional and national conferences on topics as varied as Communicating Across Differences: MBTI and Culture and Strategic Leadership to Integrate Transgender Identity in the Workplace. She was also part of a Vermont delegation chosen to travel to Russia to facilitate conversations about learning and development with high school teachers, university professors and community workers. She is also a member of the Board of Directors for the Northern New England Chapter of CUPA HR where she serves as the President. Tara is certified to administer the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and holds certification as an HR Professional (PHR) from the Society for Human Resource Management.

WANG PING is from Shandong Province in China, where she is a senior and advanced teacher. She has taught English in secondary schools for more than 20 years. She has published many articles on education, and has received awards and prizes at school, city, and provincial levels. She is currently a Visiting Scholar at the University of Vermont and NECI.


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