Organizing Events and Activities

The Eco-Reps Guidebook: How to Plan an Eco-Reps Event and Other Resources was created by UVM Eco-Reps alumn Winter Heath as part of her senior thesis work.


Here is the Event Planning Form for events cosponsored with RA or Hall Council.



Light Bulb Swap

Eco-Reps go door-to-door to swap out old, inefficient incandescent light bulbs for newer compact fluorescent (CFL) or LED bulbs that use a fraction of the electricity.

Appliance Energy Audit

Using a device that monitors electricity usage, Eco-Reps can determine the energy required to run plugged-in devices.

Residence Hall Waste Sort

Find out how well a campus building is doing with recycling and composting. Eco-Reps can organize an event to determine the percentage of materials placed in the trash that could actually be recycled or composted. Community participation required.

Food Waste Weigh-in

Eco-Reps can weigh the food waste from a week’s worth of dinners at a campus dining facility to highlight wasteful practices and promote composting.

Farmer’s Market

The Davis Center Eco-Reps work with Student Life to organize outdoor/indoor farmer’s markets on campus with plenty of local food vendors and live music.


Eco-Reps can mobilize to survey hundreds of students about environmental topics of interest on campus.


Eco-Reps spread the word about sustainable living on campus by tabling at various times throughout the year. Tabling might include spork and Eco-Ware sales, product give-aways, a bike display of the pedal power required to light up different kinds of light bulbs, or a bike-operated smoothie maker.




A fun way to quiz a community on their eco-knowledge using a trivia powerpoint presentation, answer sheets, and prizes.

Recycled Materials Workshop: Trash to Treasures

Create usable items from recycled goods. Eco-Reps can help collect materials, ask local businesses for donations, and lead groups in making their own recycled gear. Possible items include, but are not limited to:

  • Book Cover Picture Frames: Made from old books, clear transparencies/page protectors, glue, and foam board
  • CD Case Calendars: Made from clear CD cases and pre-printed calendars on recycled paper.
  • Notebooks: Made from non-corrugated cardboard boxes and one-sided paper. A paper cutter and a book binding machine can be used to make this craft.
  • Bottle Cap Magnets: Made from bottle caps, magnet strips, magazines, and catalogs.


Film Screening

Interested in hosting a screening of an environmental film? Eco-Reps can assist with reserving a space, getting the word out, and leading a discussion afterwards.

Green Up the Landscape

Have you noticed an urgent need to green a particular area on campus? Eco-Reps can assist with organizing an event to gather a “green up” force to target litter, cigarette butts, or neglected areas.

Eating for the Environment

Eco-Reps can host a large potluck dinner to raise awareness of organic and local food options.

Green Your Event

Eco-Reps can help make your event waste free or carbon neutral. Eco-Reps can consult with campus organizations on ways to green events and review products used, guide choices of organic and local foods, evaluate carbon reduction strategies, and assist with event recycling and composting.

Eco-Art Displays

Eco-Reps can assist with public art installations such as a “Bottle Tree” to demonstrate the number of plastic beverage bottles bought and sold at the Davis Center each week.

“Choices for sustainable living” Presentation & Discussion

Explore ways to improve the level of environmental responsibility in your workplace or lifestyle. Eco-Reps can tailor the event for on or off-campus students.

Clothes Swap

This event provides a space for trading used items. Items can be exchanged or collected and any remaining unwanted clothes can be donated to local organizations.

Recycled Paper Making Workshop

Materials, location, and knowledge can be brought together to organize a workshop where participants make their own paper. This is a great activity for those times of year when cards are exchanged, such as Valentine’s Day or around the gift-giving holidays.