Eco-Reps News

04 18 2013

UVM Eco-Reps' Launch "Follow the Leaf" campaign

UVM Eco-Reps' Follow the Leaf video from UVM Sustain on Vimeo.
04 16 2013

Battle of the Campus Chefs

The Ecoreps were paired up with Charlie Cunningham, who is a campus chef at the Capers station in the Marketplace. Together they will...
04 08 2013

Charlotte Central School Visit

 During April, two senior Eco-Reps visited the Charlotte Central School in Vermont to talk about the Eco-Reps program and what we do...
11 30 2012

Eco-Reps Fall Bulb Swap

This Fall, Eco-Reps successfully distributed 200 efficient light bulbs in residence halls across campus. The light bulb swap followed up on...
10 20 2012

Weigh the Waste

Eco-Reps teamed up with University Dining Services to weigh food waste during a week of dinners at Redstone Unlimited. They measured an...
09 13 2012

Eco-Rep writing column in Vermont Cynic

Check out the first article in a bi-weekly series this semester, written by one of the Senior Eco-Reps: Beauty and Practicality in Compost...
09 13 2012

Farmer's Market for Fall 2012

Come visit the Davis Center Farmer's Market this Fall! It will feature plenty of fresh veggies, food, and crafts from local producers....
09 07 2012

Fall 2012 UVM Eco-Reps

The UVM Eco-Reps Program is off to a great start this year! Eco-Reps arrived on campus early for a Fall Training that included field trips...
02 04 2012

Return of the Farmer's Market

The UVM Farmer's Market is back! Come enjoy local food, goods, and fun inside the Davis Center Atrium on February 8 and 22, from 11am-...
01 16 2012

Eco-Reps Fall bulb swap success!

UVM Eco-Reps exchanged 500 CFL bulbs this Fall. This is one of our regular actions that has a relatively easy-to-measure impact.According...