Davis Center Waste Sort Fall 2011

Eco-Reps providing the Davis Center waste sort

Eco-Reps conducted a waste sort of the Davis Center on October 27th. The results indicate a huge opportunity to improve how students, staff, and faculty sort their waste in the student center building. The data collected will be used to educate building occupants and to inform a redesign of the building's waste management system.

Waste Sort

Ever wonder what is in your trash that shouldn't be? The Eco-Reps are here to find out! Teams of Eco-Reps host Waste Sorts in the residence halls to sort, measure and weigh how well we manage our solid waste. Waste Sorts will be conducted in the Davis Center and other campus buildings in the Fall 2011.

Past results have shown that more than half of what was in the trash could have been recycled or composted.

Date and Time: 
Wednesday, October 19, 2011 - 11:00am - 3:00pm
UVM ID Required: 
Admission Fee: 

One Less Bottle/Cup

The One Less Cup Campaign

Our goal was to educate students, faculty, and staff that we can all reduce waste and save money by bringing our own cup for coffee, tea, and fountain drinks.

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