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Classes have started back up, the cold fall temperatures are setting in, and the Eco-Reps are bumping up their game around campus. After our initial training and assisting with Move-In Day, we have begun to focus on specific aspects of campus. The most recent rotation has focused on where our waste goes on campus – everything from recycling, compost, “e-waste,” books, appliances, and waste water.

Dining - Waste Intervention

Eco-Reps conduct peer-to-peer recycling and compost education at the dining halls across campus. We also provide this service at many events that happen around campus (for example, at the staff appreciation picnic each Fall). When people approach the recycling and compost bins, Eco-Reps kindly council them on what waste items could be recycled or composted. 

OneRev info table in CWP

An info table so CWP residents can learn how their food scraps are collected, managed, and delivered to a composting facility. Come check out the bike, hear about closing the system with composted soil delivered back to campus, and pick up a bag to use in your room!

Date and Time: 
Monday, January 23, 2012 - 12:00am - Friday, January 27, 2012 - 12:00am
CWP entrance around dinner time
UVM ID Required: 
Admission Fee: 

Compost Innovation

Eco-Reps collect food scraps in residence halls on campus and work with UVM Recycling to send this material to a local composting facility.

Three pilot projects were tested on small scales in Fall 2011:

1) One Revolution organic waste pick up

Using bicycles, a company called One Revolution transported organic waste material from Redstone campus to a compost collection facility. 

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