What We Do

What we do:

  • Create behavior change campaign for the campus community.
  • Develop messages and engage with students by informing them about sustainability issues.
  • Conduct energy audits of light bulbs and appliances in residence halls. Then we offer new, efficient bulbs for old, inefficient ones.
  • Conduct surveys about ecological issues around campus
  • Attend weekly meetings to plan activities, events and formulate campaigns while providing feedback to the coordinator
  • Set up and staff environmental information booths and exhibits
  • Write articles about eco-topics for local newspapers
  • Set up and maintain eco-bulletin boards in residence halls.
  • Work in teams to formulate, test, and execute plans to improve each area of concern: recycling, water, compost, reuse, energy, and transportation


Topics we address:  

  • Recycling & Solid Waste
  • Sustainable Transportation
  • Energy Conservation
  • Local Food
  • Water Conservation
  • Composting
  • Reuse Strategies