The Eco-Reps Program began as a pilot project in the Spring of 2004 through the UVM Recycling Office. Since the start, the program sought to bridge the disconnect between the overarching environmental commitment of the institution and individual student behavior and culture. Read more...

Also check out the April 13, 2005 "Recycling RAs" article in UVM's The View.

In December 2005, the UVM Eco-Reps Program received a Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence and Pollution Prevention. For more information, read the UVM press release regarding the award.

Governor's Award: (Shown L-R) Governor Jim Douglas, Erica Spiegel (Recycling/Solid Waste Manager), Deb Perry (Graduate Student/Eco-Rep Coordinator), Ross Nizlek and Nate Anderson (Student Eco-Reps)