Who Is My Eco-Rep?

Allie Pankoff

Change Agent

Allie is a sophomore studying Natural Resources Planning in the Rubenstein School. Her environmental insterests include sustainable agriculture, environmental justice, food soveriegnty, and waste reduction. She is a supporter of empowering communities through education and citizen science.

Camilla Petronio

Research Manager

Camilla is a senior Environmental Studies and Psychology double major in the College of Arts and Sciences. Her interests revolve around public health and environmental justice. She is currently writing a thesis on Vermont's use of natural gas.

Christina Samela

Change Agent

Christina is a junior who is majoring in Natural Resources with a concentration Ecology and minoring in Anthropology. Her environmental interests are in sustainability, landfill diversion, how ecosystems are impacted by climate change and what societies can do to conserve the natural world. 

Claire Cappella

Video/Photo Manager

Claire is an Environmental Studies major with a minor in Economics and well as Green Building and Community Development. She has a primary interest in sustainability, envionmental policy and clean energy. She has been studying environmental science since her junior year in high school. Her other hobbies include photography, traveling, snowboarding, hiking and horsebck riding.

Connor Herbruck

Change Agent

Connor is a first year with a major in business with a sustainability focus and is also working towards a minor in environmental studies. He is passionate about implementing conservation practices to preserve earth's ecosystems for both ecological and recreational reasons. In his free time he enjoys hiking, canoeing/kayaking, scuba-diving, and fly fishing.

Dylan Jacobs

Change Agent

Dylan is a Biology major, who is considering adding an education major. He wants to be a teacher one day and sustainability is important to him because he believes if he is going to educate the next generation, he should do so with the facts. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia and moved around a lot until landing in New York City. Running is his favorite pass time.

Ella Halpine

Graphic Design Manager

Ella is an Environmental Studies major in the College of Arts and Sciences, with a concentration in Food, Land, and Community. She also minors in Food Systems and French. Ella loves working with food justice and supporting local, organic agriculture, and is passionate about decreasing the amount of food wasted in the United States. 

Hannah Lichy

Change Agent

Hannah is a nursing major. She is interested in how climate change impacts peoples' health.Other hobbies of hers include singing, traveling and marine biology.

Isabella Maidoff

Change Agent

From the island of Martha's Vineyard, food, community, and reslience are some of the most important things to Bella. A sophomore Environmental Studies major in the Rubenstein school with a Food Systems minor, Bella is excited to share her passions with the greater UVM community.

Jordan Ciccone

Change Agent

Jordan is a freshman, Environmental Science major in CAS. He is interested in the concept of uniting people under a mission for the future, which spreads across many movements. Sustainability is one of the most inspiriational movements for Jordan because he thinks it is just so logical by pushing the bar higher for environmental standards on and off campus. Lets get together and change some stuff.

Lily Zanta

Change Agent

Lily is a freshman, majoring in Environmental Science in the Rubenstein School. She is primarily interested in food systems and public health, and how to improve inequalities in the environmental field. She also has a passion for environmental education and outreach.

Madeline Joslin

Change Agent

Madeline is an Environmental Studies major from Raleigh, North Carolina. Within her major, she is concentrating in Environmental and Human Health specifically concerning health disparities based on race and socioeconomic class. Madeline is also interested in environmental justice and horticultural therapy and loves biking and art.

Megan Flanagan

Change Agent

Megan is a first year Animal Science major with a concentration in pre-vet. She loves working with animals and would like to apply the concepts of sustainability and enviornmental policy to her career in the future. She loves sustainable food, local businesses, and is passionate about decreasing food waste. In addition to this she also loves to snowboard, sail, and be outdoors.

Melody Riddell-Wilder

Change Agent

Melody is a sophmore Environmental Studies major in the Rubenstein school, minoring in Economics. She is interested in environmental justice issues as well as issues of sustainable community development. She also enjoys environmental outreach and education.

Rachel Slimovitch

Data Manager

Rachel is a double major with Math and Secondary Education-Math. Although her majors are not related to the environment or sustainability, she is passionate about these areas. Some of her interests include: supporting local farms, decreasing the amount of waste we produce, and keeping Lake Champlain clean.

Sabrina Smith

Writing Manager

Sabrina is an environmental studies major with a minor in Spanish. She is passionate about sustainable community development, environmental policy, and food systems. She also loves working with people and educating them on environmental issues as well as how to live more sustainably. Her other interests include swimming and writing.

Sophie Carpenter

Change Agent

Sophie is a Wildlife Biology major in the Rubenstein School. She is very interested in habitat and species conservation. This summer she interned within the ECHO center's animal care department where she was able to work with many of Vermont's native reptile, fish and amphibian species.

Victoria Giacchino

Change Agent

Victoria is a sophomore zoology major in the College of Arts and Sciences. She hopes to work hands-on with wildlife as a career, perhaps at a wildife refuge or conducting research. She enjoys drawing and the outdoors.