Julie Nash

Eco-Reps Coordinator

Julie teaches the Social Marketing for Sustainability Class and coordinates the UVM Eco-Reps Program. Through her work at the Office of Sustainability, Julie’s introduces students to the principles and techniques of social marketing for campus sustainability. Social marketing focuses on influencing individual behaviors by using commercial marketing principles to deliver a benefit to society. Understanding how to craft persuasive campaigns is a critical skill for those hoping to change sustainability behaviors. In both roles, Julie works with UVM students to design and implement their own sustainability behavior-change campaigns.

Prior to starting at UVM, Julie spent most of her career at international consumer products companies, working in various management capacities in brand marketing, strategic planning, and corporate finance. Most recently, Julie managed global innovation and new product development at Ben & Jerry’s in Burlington Vermont. 

Ariana Cano

Program Coordinator

       Ariana was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. When she was 11 years old she moved to the U.S where she quickly learned about her passion for different cultures, and intercultural habits regarding environmental conservation. She graduate from Florida State University (FSU) where she received a Bachelors of Science in Political Science and a Bachelor of Arts in Editing, Writing, and Media; she also studied international relations and French. With a strong interest in linguistics, writing, and media Ariana became involved with the International office at Florida State. Later on, she found the opportunity to work with the newly established FSU Office of Sustainability, where she could work within her other field of interest: environmental education. Here she worked and lead several sustainable development projects such as the Take Back the Tap campaign (a student-run activist campaign movement to end the sales of bottled water from campus) and Garnet and Gold Goes Green (a football game day recycling program). Her experience in community organizing and sustainable development took Ariana to intern for Food and Water Watch in D.C on their education and outreach department as an online community organizer.

Ariana continued her studies where she now is a Master student in the Rubenstein School. As one of the program coordinators for the Eco-Reps program, as well as helping the drinking water campaign.  Ariana is excited to learn about the different interest students have at UVM and how to work together to make this a more sustainable campus. 

Erica Spiegel

Eco-Reps Program Advisor / UVM Recycling and Solid Waste Manager, Physical Plant Department

Erica has been the Recycling and Solid Waste Manager at UVM since 1998. She developed and piloted the first UVM Eco-Reps program in Spring 2004. She helped garner institutional support to grow the program and ultimately transition it to the newly created Office of Sustainability in 2008.  She continues to serve as a resource for Eco-Rep projects related to recycling and composting.  She earned a B.A. in Geography from SUNY Albany, an M.S. in Natural Resources policy from the University of Michigan, and recently completed her M.P.A. at the University of Vermont.