University of Vermont

eBooks Program

Available eBook Formats


This is the fastest format to have your book convered to. If you use a screen reader like Read & Write Gold, free to all UVM students, we will provide you with the text and you can use Read & Write Gold to have the text read aloud and you can change the voices and speeds when you want.

*.doc - (microsoft word document) can be opened if you have Microsoft Word installed (Sample *.doc)

*.pdf - (adobe PDF) can be opened if you have Adobe Reader or equivalent PDF reader. (Sample *.pdf)

To download Read & Write Gold please choose the correct link (you will need an internet connection to activate the software)

Read & Write Gold for PC

Read & Write Gold for MAC



The Mp3 option is your text book broken down by chapter and read aloud by a computer voice. If you want your books in mp3 format you must first choose a Voice and Speed for the mp3. The conversion takes a few hours to complete, and if you would like the voice or speed changed you will have to wait until we have time to reconvert the book.

You can sample the voices and speeds on the Voice & Speed Samples section of the eBooks site.

If you cannot access the voice samples or you couldn't find a speed you liked, you can sample the voices by coming to the UDTL.



If you have Kurzweil on your home computer this is the format for you. This file format can only be opened on a computer with kurzweil installed. UVM does not provide kurzweil software to students.


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