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Supervisory Learning Series: Core Skills for UVM Supervisors


Photo of Commencement FlowersThe Supervisory Learning Series is a program aimed at ongoing development of essential knowledge and skills for first-line supervisors. The program is based on proven supervisory methods that can be applied immediately, and is designed to increase insight, recognize accomplishments and align supervisory skills with departmental business goals.


Who: Each learning cohort will comprise of first-line supervisors with a range of experience and longevity at UVM.

When: An Application Packet with all relevant information is sent out in late August, two weeks prior to series start date (usually, in the beginning of September).

Where: The On-Campus Location will be Announced Upon Selection

Format of Classes: Classes will be taught by UVM staff and faculty. All classes are skills-based and will offer immediate take-aways. Some independent online work is required. In addition to the classes, two electives are required.

Central Themes: The workshops and all program activities are organized around four integrated themes:

  1. Conscientious Leadership: Ethical decision-making; applying Federal and State employment guidelines; implementing UVM policies and practices; leading by example and contributing to diversity.
  2. Commitment to Diversity: Increasing personal multicultural awareness; modeling self-improvement around issues of cultural competency and diversity; developing a comprehensive definition of diversity and how it can be integrated into everyday work; providing learning opportunities for staff and encouraging the individual development of staff.
  3. Self-Awareness: Understanding how personal beliefs impact supervision of others; determining individual strengths; minimizing the impact of our personal beliefs on others; listening, encouraging the exchange of ideas; inspiring a team effort and sharing constructive feedback; working with others toward shared goals and aligning the unit with the strategic direction of the organization.
  4. Development of Supervisory Skills: Developing and practicing tangible skills that will help enhance the supervisory experience.

How to Apply

Those interested in this course should speak with their manager first, upon receiving a registration packet for the Supervisory Learning Certificate Series.

If you have Questions that aren't answered in the pages below, send us an e-mail.

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