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The UVM Dance Program is open to all students, both those new to dance and those who have had previous studies in dance. The mission of the Program is to provide students with the opportunity to expand and develop their knowledge of dance as a performing art form.

The heart of the Program lies in modern/contemporary dance. Practice and theory are embedded in all dance courses. Students learn applied knowledge in the art of dance through courses in contemporary dance technique, improvisation, composition, site-based performance, and participation in yearly performances. Students also critically examine dance in courses that emphasize history, cultural traditions, and creative research. Courses in ballet, hip hop, musical theatre dance, and a wide variety of world dance forms provide students with the opportunity to learn about a broad spectrum of dance forms.

The UVM Dance Program places special emphasis on student creative work, which includes choreography and research, and encourages interdisciplinary approaches to studying dance. The Program works very closely with our colleagues in Music to combine original and/or live music with dance creation at every opportunity. And the Program engages with the wider dance world through professional guest choreographers and master class instructors, as well as attendance at university dance conferences.

Through physical/creative action and engaged inquiry, it is the goal of the Program to facilitate rich and meaningful interaction amongst faculty, guest, and student artists.

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