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Custodial Services cleans all offices and departmentally managed conference rooms one time per week on a rotating schedule.  Desk side trash and recycle containers are not serviced or supplied with trash liners.

All UVM staff assigned an office space are expected to bring their own trash and recycle to public collection areas (hallway bins).  The administration provides every office desk with an individual desktop mini-bin for you to put your daily waste in. This will provide you with a more manageable receptacle to maintain yourself.

With the FY14 fiscal adjustment, building office cleaning schedules may need to be adjusted.  Some areas will have a set office cleaning schedule from the beginning, other areas may need to be adjusted over the first few months of this new program as the staff and faculty return from their summer leave. 

Your building custodian will provide you with an initial cleaning schedule via a table tent that will be left on your desk.  We ask that you please be patient as we develop a final schedule that will serve every office area equally well.  As we develop documentation and information on this subject we will post it for you.

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