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Teaching Support

The CTL works with faculty and graduate students who want to increase the effectiveness of their teaching and create challenging and engaging learning environments. Our goals are to:

Individualized Teaching Consultations

The CTL's instructional designers and faculty associates can consult with faculty, reflecting on teaching practice and providing feedback for improvement and growth. These consultations are confidential and voluntary, and can focus on issues such as presentation skills, facilitating discussions, course syllabi development, designing effective assignments, and testing and grading practices.

Teaching Observations

The CTL offers a service to faculty and graduate teaching assistants who are interested in receiving confidential feedback on their classroom teaching.

Classroom dynamics can be complex—our hope is that an outside set of eyes and ears can help inform your practice and support decision making about presentation style and class structure. Ultimately the intent of this service is to provide a structure for reflection on teaching practices.

Informal, Intentional, and Individual

This service is “instructor-driven”—you define the focus for the observation and the specific areas for which you are seeking feedback. Specifically, we can provide feedback to help:

How the Service Works

This service is available to all faculty and graduate teaching assistants. Graduate program coordinators may want offer this service to their students to support their professional development. Here are the steps involved:

  1. Request a consultation by filling out the intake form found here
  2. Attend a pre-observation meeting to discuss goals of observation/consult
  3. Attend a post-observation meeting to discuss feedback and reflect on practice

Optional: By request, the class session can be recorded (audio or video) for personal reflection.

The total time commitment (not including the time you are teaching the class session) is about 2.5 hours.

Additionally, if you would information directly from students about their experience in your course, other services are available. Formative course/teaching surveys can be delivered anonymously via Blackboard. CTL staff can tailor a survey to help ascertain how engaged students are in their own learning.

How to Request this Service

Interested faculty and graduate student TA's should send an email with this information:

Send the email to the Center for Teaching & Learning at ctl@uvm.edu and we will contact you to set up an initial appointment.

How to Request Support

Feel free to email us at ctl@uvm.edu

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