Elements of an Online Syllabus

  1. Basic information
  2. Course summary should explain why the course is relevant, interesting, and how it fits in the context of the discipline
  3. Learning objectives
  4. Prerequisite knowledge and competencies required to take the course
  5. Required texts and/or materials
  6. Behavioral expectations
  7. Grading criteria and participation (attendance) policy
  8. Schedule (This may be a separate page in the course menu.)
  9. Technical help resources
  10. Learner support examples are the Writing Center or UVM Library resources, if relevant
  11. Values and policies


    • Student learning accommodations statement
      In keeping with University policy, any student with a documented disability interested in utilizing accommodations should contact ACCESS, the office of Disability Services on campus. ACCESS works with students to create reasonable and appropriate accommodations via an accommodation letter to their professors as early as possible each semester.
      Contact ACCESS: A170 Living/Learning Center - 802-656-7753 - access@uvm.edu.
    • ACCESS Office http://www.uvm.edu/~access/
    • Policy on Disability Certification and Support—Students
    • Religious holiday policy statement
      Example: Students have the right to practice the religion of their choice. If you need to miss class to observe a religious holiday, please submit the dates of your absence to me in writing by the end of the second full week of classes. You will be permitted to make up work within a mutually agreed-upon time.

    Student responsibilities and rights: