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Community Restitution Reflection Paper Guidelines

Community Restitution
Reflection Paper Guidelines

In addition to completing your community restitution hours, you must compose a reflection paper based on that experience. This paper must be at least 750 words, double-spaced and typed. It may not contain any profanity. Please submit your paper to the Center for Student Ethics & Standards, 41 So. Prospect Street. The community restitution coordinator will review the essay and forward it to the hearing officer who issued the sanction.

Please choose one of the following topics as a focus for your essay:

  • Write a personal essay about changes you've observed in yourself or the way you see community as a result of your community restitution experience. What aspects of this experience were most meaningful to you?
  • Write an essay about how your experience of working in a community agency relates to your college learning experience, academic major, or future path.
  • Using your experiences of working at a Burlington community agency and living in the UVM community, explore what it means to be a responsible member of a community. What are the specific duties that a responsible community member fulfills? What are values and beliefs that support positive community development?

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