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The Center for Student Ethics & Standards

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The Center for Student Ethics & Standards seeks to foster student accountability and skill development in the areas of conflict resolution, dialogue, identity development and restorative practices. In doing so, we hope to help students develop self-awareness, and ultimately become more responsible, respectful and engaged community members.

Programs include:
Student Conduct Program

  • Community Standards Program
  • Academic Integrity Program
  • Project Discovery Program
  • Intergroup Dialogue Program
    Conflict Resolution Program

    Student Conduct Programs
    The Student Conduct Program consists of two areas of focus: Academic Integrity and Community Standards. The Student Conduct Program provides tools and facilitates the processes through which students are held accountable for choices that have adversely impacted themselves, their relationships, and their commitment to the UVM and surrounding communities. In collaboration with faculty and staff across campus, the Student Conduct Program assists students as they commit to restoring themselves as responsible and engaged members of those communities.

    Project Discovery Program
    The Project Discovery Program is a deferment of the Student Conduct Community Standards Suspension Sanction. Project Discovery is designed to engage students who, by nature of repeated policy offenses or especially egregious offenses, are at risk of otherwise facing suspension from the University. Project Discovery is a semester-long, non-credit bearing course that is offered to students who are willing to accept responsibility for choices that have violated our community standards. Students who accept the Project Discovery option will be given the structured opportunity to critically evaluate those choices as they relate to gender and culturally based socialization stigmas.

    Intergroup Dialogue Program
    The Intergroup Dialogue Program invites students to explore the value of discourse in seeking a mutually defined common understanding in the midst of conflict. Specifically, students are encouraged to explore the impact of their own identity socialization as it relates to barriers in communication and cross-group relationships. The Intergroup Dialogue Program is a credit-bearing course that partially fulfills the UVM academic diversity requirements.

    Conflict Resolution Program

    The Conflict Resolution Program helps on-campus students constructively address differences by providing opportunities to engage in thoughtful and intentional dialogue. Through both proactive and responsive initiatives, the program seeks to impart learning that promotes accountability, self-reflection, effective listening, creative thinking and ultimately, new understanding.

    "The biggest educational challenge we face revolves around developing character, conscience, citizenship, tolerance, civility, and individual and social responsibility in our students. We dare not ignore this obligation in a society that sometimes gives the impression that virtues such as these are discretionary. These should be a part of the
    standard equipment of our graduates, not options."
    - National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges
    ("Returning to Our Roots: The Student Experience." 1997


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