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Kim Martin, Ed.D.


(802) 656-4360

Nicholson House, Room 103
41 So. Prospect Street
Burlington, VT 05405

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What is your role in the Center for Student Ethics and Standards?

I oversee the department. It is my responsibility to: examine our policies, procedures & programs; align resources (human and fiscal) to meet goals we set each year; establish a budget; focus on social justice; plan strategically; support and challenge the staff; create a welcoming & inclusive environment; meet with students; instruct a course; and attend to the day-to-day operations of the Center.

How long have your worked at UVM?

I have been at UVM since January of 1998. Since that time I have worked in a variety of capacities and departments within the Division of University Relations & Campus Life.

Name another career you would enjoy doing other than your own and why?

I really enjoy what I do, so it is hard to imagine myself in a career other than Student Affairs. However, if I had to choose another career, I would become a teacher. I enjoy working with, learning from, and teaching others. I also enjoy working with a variety of age groups.

What brought you to UVM or Vermont?

I am a Vermonter. I did live and work in New York for a period of time. While I was in NY, I saw a position in the Department of Residential Life at UVM advertised. I applied to the position, was hired, and returned to Vermont.

What is your favorite kind of music?

I like a wide variety of music and artists. If I had to choose one genre, I would go with jazz.

What is your favorite place on campus to grab lunch and why?

I would have to say New World Tortilla. Their Thai chicken wrap is delicious, and it's enough for two meals.

What did you major in during college?

I was a double major. I majored in French and Psychology. While I don't use French often, I find my degree in psychology provides a basis for understanding people, which can be helpful in any field or career.

What is your best advice for a current UVM student?

Take advantage of opportunities. UVM offers so many fantastic "adventures" - study abroad, leadership positions, student activities, clubs, organizations, intramurals, internships, interesting courses, and much, much more. These experiences are excellent opportunities to: get to know oneself & others better; develop skills & knowledge; learn about interacting with people from similar and differing backgrounds; enhance the academic experience; gain insight into possible careers; and get connected to the UVM and Burlington communities.

What is your favorite season and why?

I love the fall - cool nights and warm days. And of course, the foliage is beautiful. It's a wonderful time of year to hike - lovely views! It's also the season in which I have my birthday, so that is a bonus.

Appalachian Mountain Club
(hiking, conservation, etc.)

Let's Whisper
(Indie pop music)

The Prouty
(bike-a-thon, cancer fund raiser)

Trio Gusto & Mike Martin
(my brother's band)

Vermont Farmer's Markets
(buying local)

Biking in Vermont

Positive Youth Sports Alliance

The Smittens
(Indie pop band that I admire)

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