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Any University of Vermont student, staff, or faculty member can report a perceived violation of the Code of Academic Integrity to the CSES office. Upon receipt of a report (referral) from any source, the Coordinator of Academic Integrity will determine whether the report, if true, would constitute a violation of the Code of Academic Integrity. If the alleged behavior described violates a University academic integrity expectation, the student conduct process will begin. Any member of the University community that has observed behavior, or has information that reasonably leads to the conclusion that such a violation has occurred or has been attempted, has a responsibility to share that information with the Coordinator of Academic Integrity in the Center for Student Ethics & Standards.

Making a Referral

  • Within two weeks of discovery, the referring party should submit an Academic Integrity Referral Form. The referral should include a narrative description of the incident including all relevant details. All supporting documents should be included with the referral and can be uploaded/attached directly to the form. Supporting documents include tests, papers, syllabus, answer keys, assignment instructions, etc.
  • Referring parties submitting referrals must also provide a copy of the report to each student referred.
  • Faculty members submitting a report for a student in their class may recommend a sanction. The recommended sanction will be taken into consideration, however, the final decision is made by the Coordinator of Academic Integrity or Academic Integrity Council.
  • Both Technical and Deliberate violations should be submitted via the AI Referral Form. For Technical violations please clearly indicate it's being referred as such and what the outcome was.
  • For alleged plagiarism cases, please submit original articles and indicate with highlights, or some other method, the corresponding concerns in the student paper.
  • For details regarding the adjudication process for alleged violations of the Code of Academic Integrity, please see the "Procedures" section of the Code.
  • Should the referring party desire further consultation prior to submitting the referral form or memo, please contact the Coordinator of Academic Integrity or other staff at the Center for Student Ethics & Standards at (802) 656-4360. Additionally, faculty may want to communicate with the student via email using the template provided.







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