Middlesex Social Capital

Organizations/community action

The Historical Society of Middlesex was begun in 1994 by Sarah Seidman and Patty Wiley.
The Middlesex community received a $2,000 EPIC Project Grant to explore residents' vision of Middlesex 19 years hence, in the year 2015. Film maker Neeley Washington and Jepson Wulff, a married couple with 25 years of residency here put together the 50 minute video to get people thinking about the town's future. Wulff has served as a Middlesex Planning Commissioner. The video includes Tammy Picard, whose husband's family lived in the town for more than 40 years. Gerald Pease, one of the town's last farmers, mourns changes in the schools. Nellie Chase who at age 89 has lived here her entire life feels that the greatest loss to the community has been the loss of farming activity. (Seidman, Sarah, "Middlesex Video Raises Lots Of Questions,", TA, 1/9/96:9&11)


In 1879 there were two religious groups, namely the Baptists and Methodists, of approximately equal membership sizes. (~36 each). A Congregational Church was active previous to 1879, but by 1845 was discontinued