Brighton Human Capital


Rudy Vallee

Island Pond is the birthplace of Rudy Vallee, popular "crooner" and band leader born on July 28, 1901. His family house, on a hill overlooking the village is still there. (Chesny, 1986). Vallee, was called the "Vagabond Lover" and is considered as first of a string of star singers like Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and Elvis Presley. In 1932, he returned to Island Pond with his band and threw the biggest dance party Essex County had ever seen. (Kaufman) He died on July 3, 1986.

Bradley Crowe

Bradley Crowe of Island Pond was among 83 members of the intelligence ship USS Pueblo, which was captured by North Korea in January, 1968. Eleven months later, Crowe was reunited with his parents in San Diego on Christmas Day.

Town Officers

Brighton's most recent town officers include the following: Joel Cope as Administrative Assistant; Peter Sprague as Fire Chief; Althea Blair as Health Officer; Theodore Miller as First Constable; Lucille Stevens as Clerk/Treasurer; Deborah Lefebre as School Board Chair; Marchalll Frizzell as Selectboard Chair; Joel Cope as Regional Solid Waste District Representative; Thomas Donnellan as Town Moderator; Reginald Hunt as Water Commissioner Chair; Michael Lacourse as Zoning Administrator; Anita Gervais as Recreation Director; and Polly Biron as Planning Commission Member. The town clerk's office can be reached at: (802)723-4405 on Main Street. The Administrative Assistant, also on Main Street, is at: (802)723-4753.