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Data & Information Resources

Information is empowering. CRS, along with our partner organizations, maintains online resources with detailed information for and about Vermont communities.

Vermont State Data Center go to Vermont Census Data

CRS is the U.S. Census Bureau's Vermont State Data Center. The state data center is a source for a wide range of social, economic, and environmental indicators.
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Vermont Housing Data go to Vermont Housing Data

Access to comprehensive data on general housing and special needs housing for all of Vermont's towns, villages, counties, as well as the Burlington area. Created and maintained in partnership with the Vermont Housing Finance Agency.
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Vermont School Report go to Vermont school report

An annual report of Vermont's public schools that is updated throughout the year. Created and maintained in partnership with the Vermont Department of Education.
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Vermont Health and Recreation Resources go to Vermont Health and Rec Resources

This website presents and compares the data from each town and city that responded to a 2005 survey of health and recreation. Created and maintained in partnership with the Vermont Department of Health.
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Community Data Bank go to the Vermont Data Bank

The Community Data Bank is an inventory of informational websites organized by subject and geographic area of interest. Created and maintained with CRS' many partner organizations.
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Data Collection for Community Assessment Go to Data Collection for Community Assessment

How to collect information about your community or anyone's community. This site outlines primary and secondary data collection methods and resources. Created by CRS Founder and Director Emeritus Fred Schmidt in 1997.
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Vermont Citizen's Guides to Government go to VT Citizen's Guide to Government

The Citizen's Guides to Government, Information Gathering, and Decision Making includes downloadable documents explaining how local government works in Vermont, including town meeting. Created and maintained in partnership with the Vermont Institute for Government and UVM Extension.
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Vermont Data and Info Links Clearinghouse go to info for Vermont Municipal Officials

We can't fit everything here, so this page includes links to numerous additional cross-sector resources useful for those seeking to learn more about Vermont.
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Vermont Town Profiles go to VT Profiles

This site contains profiles of Vermont towns that CRS has been involved with over the years. Profiles contain historical, natural resource, social, demographic and other qualitative information. This compliments that updated information available through Vermont Indicators. Created and maintained by the Center for Rural Studies.
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Gazetteer of Vermont Places Go to the Gazetteer of Vermont Places

Every location has its own set of informal names in relation to specific places. This site chronicles defines those informally named places in Vermont and also lists fictitious references to places in Vermont from books, poems, and film. Created and maintained by the Center for Rural Studies.
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Vermont Tourism Research Center Vermont Tourism Research Center

The Vermont Tourism Research Center is involved in a range of research and outreach projects that promote the positive impacts of tourism. Cutting edge and tailored services set us apart from others in the field and help our programs make real differences.
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