Collaboration: The Power of WE the People
National Satellite Broadcast
December 7th, 1998

This is a web version of the Collaboration CD-ROM Training Program Manual
authored by
Lynne Borden, Ph.D., The Ohio State University
Daniel Perkins, Ph.D., University of Florida
produced by
Bruce E. Haas, Ph.D.

Keep being into the collaborative spirit, your work is making a difference!

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Collaboration is a process of participation through which people, groups and organizations work together to achieve desired results. Starting or sustaining a collaborative journey is exciting, sometimes stressful, and even new for many. The information presented here utilizes the knowledge and expertise of specialists from the National Network for Collaboration to provide a guide to begin, strengthen and sustain the collaborative journey, for the building and sustaining of positive change.

Network Members

More about the National Network for Collaboration

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On-Line Network and CES Collaboration and Change Resources:

To contact the Collaboration Network, send e-mail to: nncoinfo@extension.umn.edu

Assessing Your Collaboration: A Self Evaluation Tool. Lynne Borden and Dan Perkins article in the April issue of the Journal of Extension.

The University of Wisconsin... Evaluation of Collaborative Efforts. The entire document is on line and can be downloaded in .pdf format, (190 pages, 1,598 Kb) The web page where it and other documents can be found is: located here

Collaboration Framework ... Addressing Community Capacity, (18 pages/455 Kb) designed to help individuals and practitioners who are starting or need help strengthening a collaboration to achieve clearly defined outcomes.

Community-Based Collaboration: Community Wellness Multiplied, a resource which explores and explains the process by which citizens, agencies, organizations and businesses make formal sustained commitments to collaborate to accomplish a shared vision or purpose.

Building Coalitions: a series of fact sheets on coalition formation and maintenance

Building Communities of Support for Families in Poverty, a manual that uses participatory research, education, and evaluation to build sustainable communities of support in high risk neighborhoods throughout the nation.

Building & Maintaining Community Coalitions on Behalf of CYF, a report from the Community Coalitions in Action project, Institute for Children, Youth, and Families Michigan State University.

Transitions: Implementing Change Decisions, abstract.

Other On-line Resources:

Institute for Collaborative Leadership: A nonprofit organization dedicated to helping leaders build and manage productive collaborations, partnerships, teams & coalitions.

Our Resource Briefs provide useful information on a number of topics including building effective local community development strategies and youth development.

Self Help Resources for Community Groups: Various tools for communities to utilize from Iowa State University's Extension to Communities Resources.

Joint Work is an internet inservice experience for professionals sponsored by Ohio State University Extension & the National Network for Collaboration. The course explore issues involved in developing and managing service delivery systems for children and families.

The Alaska 4-H site provides a great deal of useful information. Specifically, we would like to direct your attention to their funding page.

NASULGC: The National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges

Communications as Engagement, A Communications Strategy for Revitalization: The Millennium Report to the Rockefeller Foundation

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP)
      Juvenile Justice Resources
      SafeFutures: Partnerships To Reduce Youth Violence and Delinquency: a
      project which assists communities with collaborative efforts to reduce youth
      violence and delinquency.
      Youth Violence: A Community-Based Response--One City's Success Story:       describes the efforts undertaken by Boston, Massachusetts to curb youth
      violence successfully.
"How To Facilitate Groups" Handbook: is intended to help facilitators: understand the active facilitation method; strengthen facilitation skills; understand how to design and prepare for work sessions; and understand how to evaluate work sessions.

Collaboration Handbook: Creating, Sustaining, and Enjoying the Journey   The Collaboration Handbook gives you expert advice on how to establish and operate a successful collaboration, including how to find and attract the right people, build trust, change conflict into cooperation, select the best structure, and much more.

Collaboration: What Makes It Work    Use this report to prepare and plan for collaboration in your community, identify strengths and weaknesses in your collaboration, and envision new ways to accomplish your mission.

Community Building: Coming of Age   With this book, you'll understand how and why this change has occurred and what's needed to make community building successful today.

Community Building: What Makes It Work   A Review of Factors Influencing Successful Community Building

Strategic Planning Workbook for Nonprofit Organizations, Revised and Updated   This classic workbook--now completely revised and updated--gives you practical guidance through five planning steps.

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