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Total workers 16 years of age and over, ...who Drove to Work Alone, ...who Carpooled to Work, ...who Commuted via Public Transportation, ...who Commuted via Motorcycle, ...who Commuted via Bicycle, ...who Walked to Work, ...who Commuted via Another Means,

1980 - 2000

'U.S. Census Bureau - Census of Population & Housing, 2000 Summary File 3 Tables P26, P29, and P30


Data were tabulated for workers 16 years old and over; that is, members of the armed forces and civilians who were at work during the reference week. Data on place of work refer to the geographic location at which workers carried out their occupational ac


The data on place of work relate to a reference week; that is, the calendar week preceding the date on which the respondents completed their questionnaires or were interviewed by enumerators. This week is not the same for all respondents because the enume

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