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Total Population 3 Years and Over, ...Enrolled in preprimary school (Public, Private), ...Enrolled in elementary school (Public, Private), ...Enrolled in high school (Public, Private), ...Enrolled in college (undergraduate) (Public, Private), ...Enrolled

2000 -

'U.S. Census Bureau - Census of Population & Housing, 2000 Summary File 3 Table P36


People were classified as enrolled in school if they reported attending a "regular" public or private school or college at any time between February 1, 2000, and the time of enumeration. The question included instructions to "include only nursery school o


Until the 1910 census, there were no instructions limiting the kinds of schools in which enrollment was to be counted. Starting in 1910, the instructions indicated that attendance at "school, college, or any educational institution" was to be counted. In

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