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Concord Human Capital

Concord Human Capital

The Reverend Samuel Read Hall built the first school for teacher training. He named his school the Columbian School, but soon changed the name to the Concord Academy. In addition to writing the first textbook for teacher training, he was a pioneer in the use of the blackboard as a schoolroom appliance. The school was open for seven years.

Marshall Tatro worked for the Singer Sewing Machine Company in Chicago as a traveling salesman. He climbed to the top of the company's executive ladder and, in 1888, purchased the Elisha Brigham farm. He added a huge house and round barn and enjoyed his Vermont property every summer. He helped families in Concord and paid college expenses for many. After 1946, the farm became the property of Rupert and Mildred Cutting. In 1992 the new owner, Gregory Gill, started restoration work.

Robert Frost purchased two properties in Concord Corners and lived there during the hay fever season of 1937. He moved to Boston in 1938 and only occasionally used his Concord properties until they were sold in 1946 and 1949. The Robert Frost estate still pays taxes on about an acre of land at Concord Corners. (Town of Concord Vermont 1781 - 1976, Leah C. Moyse, 1976)

Perry Family - The family includes the last great grandchildren of any American Revolutionary War soldier in the United States. Another descendent of this Concord family is Matthew Perry of TV's "Friends".

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