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Brighton Issues

Brighton Issues


In 1995 Brighton selectmen set the speed limit of 15 MPH for snowmobiles traveling through town. According to the July 5, 1996 Burlington Free Press article, "Seatbelt message will fly..." The state of Vermont will use $65,058 from a controversial out-of-court settlement to try to educate more people about using their seatbelts. The campaign's name is "Ever See a Bug Hit a Windshield" and its target is eight towns including Island Pond because of its below-than-average seatbelt use.
(BFP, 1B:6)

Herbicide spraying is an issue for Island Pond residents. The spraying occurs between Island Pond and New Hampshire and is a health concern for those who breath in the aerially sprayed chemicals. For more information, the Northern Forest Alliance can be reached at: (802)223-5256.

Moose are also a topic of controversy. Anti-hunting legislation has come and gone and is always a topic of discussion for the area where moose cause a major amount of the car accidents. Some residents believe that moose-hunting helps control the moose "overpopulation" and reduces the number of accidents. Because of their long legs and the low height of cars, moose accidents are particularly fatal because the nose of car slides between the front and back legs and the full weight of the moose hits the windshield


See Community at Island Pond, state raid

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