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Mobility and Livability

Seasonal changes and the built environment impact transportation, but to what extent? The Center for Rural Studies is partnered with the UVM Transportation Research Center to explore the issue of seasonal changes and built environment throughout New England through a series of focus groups and seasonal surveys.

Research Objectives

  • Describe the impact of season on the level of both revealed and unserved travel demand using activity-based analysis of rural northern communities.
  • Describe the variation of this seasonal impact on travel demand based on measures of rural character and the built environment.
  • Evaluate unserved travel demand as a measure of livability and quality of life.


  • CRS completed qualitative research through five focus groups in Vermont and New Hampshire to identify mobility and livability themes.
  • CRS is currently conducting 4-season quantitative surveys (telephone and online) of randomly-selected households throughout New England.
  • CRS will geocode residence information to compare with the known built environment.
  • CRS will also compare results with local weather data.

Survey Themes

The following survey themes were identified through initial focus groups:

  • Livability
    • Community Characteristics
    • Community Satisfaction
  • Mobility
    • Attitudes
    • Destinations
    • Timing
    • Distance
    • Frequency of Travel
    • Satisfaction
    • Mode of Transportation
  • Weather and Road Conditions
    • Perceptions
    • Actual
  • Demographics

TRC Research Projects

Mobility and Livability: Seasonal and Built Environment Impacts is one of the Transportation Research Center's signature projects. Click here to explore the TRC's complete list of projects.

Questions about the Livability and Mobility Project?

If you have questions about this research project, contact Erin Roche or CRS Director Jane Kolodinsky.

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