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Vermont Indicators Online

About the Vermont Indicators Online project

The mission of this website is to provide Vermonters with quality indicators that are useful in local decision-making and economic activities. The site places a priority on municipal level data. Users may produce data profiles for Vermont's towns, cities, villages, counties and the entire state by clicking on the "Profiles" button above and making their choice. Each profile organizes data into various theme tables.

Users can access historical data and source information, explained by some quick text at the top of each data profile. Users may also follow instructions to compare towns, cities, and counties to each other as directed.


The major thrust of this project has been to increase the electronic distribution and dissemination of community level indicators for all Vermont data users. This project has furthered the web presence and primary missions of two agencies - the Center for Rural Studies, and the Vermont Center for Geographic Information - by making accessible this much needed information.

The "Vermont Indicators Online" website was first deployed in 1999 by the Vermont Center for Geographic Informationn (VCGI) as a means of making accessible basic Vermont town statistics via interactive mapping on the internet. Original data was obtained from the UVM Center for Rural Studies (CRS) and distributed in geospatial datalayers by VCGI. Since this time a number of additional features and data have been added to the website.


The Vermont Indicators Online project is a collaborative statistical data centralization and clearinghouse project involving many regional, state, and federal agencies. Among agencies contributing time and resources to this project are:

University of Vermont Center for Rural Studies
Vermont Center for Geographic Information
UVM - Community Development & Applied Economics (CDAE)
UVM - Spatial Analysis Lab
Vermont Agency of Human Services
Vermont Agency of Transportation
Vermont Department of Education
Vermont Department of Employment and Training
Vermont Department of Forests, Parks & Recreation
Vermont Department of Housing and Community Affairs
Vermont Department of Taxes
Vermont Forum on Sprawl
Vermont's Regional Planning Commissions
This site has been greatly enriched through the assistance of the following people. Many thanks to all the contributors to this project, including:
Daryl Benoit - CCMPO, formerly of UVM CRS and VCGI
David Brotzman - VCGI
David Capen - UVM Spatial Analysis Lab
Robert De Geus - VT Dept. of Forests, Parks & Recreation
Craig Donnan - formerly of UVM CRS
Melissa Drzewiczewski - formerly of UVM CDAE
Pete Fellows - TRORC
Bill Gill - UVM Bailey-Howe Library
Ray Godfrey - USDA NRCS
Mike Hathaway - formerly of UVM CRS
Jane Kolodinsky - UVM CDAE / CRS
Bob McNamara - formerly of VT Dept. of Education
David Murphey - VT Agency of Human Services
Will Sawyer - UVM CRS
Scott Schaffer - UVM Bailey-Howe Library
Fred Schmidt - UVM CDAE / CRS
Sharon Whitaker - formerly of UVM CRS
Tom Williams - VCGI
and U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy
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