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Have a research question, but don't know where to start? Applying for a grant? Have a specific program you want evaluated or want to conduct survey research? We can help.

Survey ResearchGo to information on CRS Survey Research

CRS is knowledgeable of survey planning including selection of survey instrument and methods, and is capable of implementing mail, phone, and online surveys as well as analyzing and reporting results.
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Program EvaluationGo to CRS Program Evaluation

CRS offers process- and outcome-focused evaluation services for social service agencies that informs self-assessment and strategic planning.
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Community DataGo to CRS Community Data

CRS is a champion in database development for access to information. By thoughtfully developing a database system to compile information and create a user interface to easily access that information.
Learn more about CRS Community Data >>

Community PlanningGo to CRS Community Planning

From organization of a community farmer's market to transportation planning, CRS supports community planning in small and big ways.
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Focus GroupsGo to CRS Focus Groups

Another way to gather information from a set audience is through focus groups. CRS has experience in planning for and conducting focus groups both in Vermont and beyond.
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Outreach & Capacity BuildingGo to CRS Outreach & Capacity Building

Turn an important meeting into one that clearly meets its goals and instills understanding and sense of purpose among participants. CRS offers facilitation services that can add value to your organization.
Learn more about CRS Outreach & Capacity Building >>

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