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Community Data

Have information that is being under used or not used at all? CRS has experience in developing online databases that organize and present data in ways in which people and communities can use the information to plan for the future.

In Our Partner's Words

"By enabling community leaders to access data in a comprehensive way from a single location, CRS lays the groundwork for community decision making at the local level. From wildlife habitat layers, to community planning tools, from survey analysis, to town health, housing and socioeconomic indicators, the Center provides the resources that towns in Vermont need and use. Without the excellent work of the Center, towns around Vermont, and the organizations that work with and in these towns, would be less prepared to face the challenges of today."
-Sarah Waring with the Council on the Future of Vermont


Michael Moser is the point person for community data at CRS. You may also contact CRS Director Jane Kolodinsky.

Ongoing Vermont Data Projects

  • Vermont Indicators Online
    CRS and the VT State Data Center curate a large amount of historical Decennial Census data at Vermont Indicators Online, a website designed for first-stop shopping of statistical data for Vermont and its towns, villages and counties.
  • Vermont State Data Center
    The Vermont State Data Center, housed at the Center for Rural Studies, is the Census Bureau liaison for Vermont. This designation reflects our desire to be a data resource for all Vermonters and to represent Vermont's interests in the collection and analysis of Census data. The Vermont State Data Center provides a portal to comprehensive census data for Vermonters, including annual population estimates, the American Community Survey, and the complete ten-year Census.
  • Vermont Housing Data Website
    This website is a clearinghouse of comprehensive data on housing availability, affordability, condition and special needs for all of Vermont's towns, villages, and counties. The website is developed and maintained in partnership with the Vermont Housing Finance Agency.

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