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CRS Staff Profile: Michael Moser

Michael Moser

Michael Moser, Research Specialist
  • Coordinator, Vermont State Data Center
    • M.S. 2006 University of Vermont
    • B.S. 2004 University of Vermont

    Contact Information

    Office: 206 Morrill Hall
    Phone: (802) 656-0864

    What type of work do you typically do for CRS?

    Like most of us at CRS, I wear more than one hat. As coordinator for the Vermont State Data Center, I engage in efforts to ensure that all Vermonters have ready access to the data and information resources necessary to ensure accurate and informed decision-making. As a research specialist I help organizations answer questions that inform planning, policy-making and action.

    What are some of your favorite past projects that you've worked on? Why?

    I particularly enjoy working with organizations seeking to directly improve the condition of Vermonters. I am grateful to have had many opportunities to assist in this type of work.

    Who benefits from the work that you do?

    The Center for Rural Studies serves all Vermonters.

    What else would you like people to know about you professionally?

    I am particularly interested in finding ways to enhance Vermont's rural economy. We face unique geographic and population challenges though I believe these challenges encourage unique solutions. Developing and testing these solutions are of great interest to me.

    What is your favorite thing about Vermont?

    There are so many things I like, including our working landscapes, villages, emphasis on quality of life, excellent sense of community and accessibility to government. And I particularly enjoy the incredible Vermonters who work hard to enhance and preserve what makes it so special here.

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