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CRS Staff Profile: Thomas DeSisto, M.S.

Thomas DeSisto

Thomas DeSisto, Lecturer/Project Coordinator

  • M.S. 2011 University of Vermont
  • B.A. 2001 University of Vermont

Contact Information

Office: 205A Morrill Hall
Phone: (802) 656-0258

What type of work do you typically do for CRS?

We use a variety of social science research methods, ranging from observation to experimentation, to study rural people and issues important to the future of Vermont. Most of our work involves survey research in Vermont and New England.

What are some of your favorite past projects that you've worked on? Why?

My favorite project was a study we did with the Vermont Office of the Attorney General on deceptive labeling. The study led to the development of rules for how the Vermont name is used on products.

Who benefits from the work that you do?

We supply research findings to local advocates and decision-makers around the state, with the hope that they will help improve the lives of rural people in Vermont.

What else would you like people to know about you professionally?

At CRS, we strive to minimize any bias during our data collection process, so it is truly useful to all Vermonters. I prefer to present research findings in their simplest form and then allow the users to draw their own conclusions.

What is your favorite thing about Vermont?

I enjoy traveling across the state, meeting and interviewing people in the various small towns and rural areas.

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