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Scheduling on the CRC

Scheduling on the CRC

After obtaining approvals from the Scientific Advisory Committee, the IRB, and holding a protocol meeting, you are ready to initiate your study at the CRC. The following information will assist you as you prepare to schedule subjects/patients.

The scheduler's hours are 0800 to 1430 Monday through Friday.

  • Any visit involving controlled research meals must be scheduled at least one week in advance.
  • Doctor's orders involving Pharmacy requests are due at the CRC on the morning of the day prior to the study procedure day. Orders for Sunday evening inpatient admissions or Monday morning outpatient visits are due at the CRC by Thursday morning.  Hence scheduling for these visits must allow this lead time.
  • Other visits need to be scheduled at least one business day in advance.
  • If blood samples need to be shipped on the same day that they are drawn, they must be drawn no later than 1430 so that they can be processed and ready to ship by the 1500 Fed Ex deadline.

All scheduling is completed via the Scheduling Forms on the CRC web site.  The investigator/coordinator completes the web-based Inpatient or Outpatient scheduling forms. Pressing "submit" on these forms e-mails them to the CRC scheduler.  Cancellations and changes to previously scheduled visits are handled in this manner as well.

Outpatient Information

  • All outpatients must go to Admitting on their first visit for the protocol unless they already have a blue FAHC card.
  • On all subsequent visits, Outpatients will be admitted on the CRC unless they have lost their hospital blue card, in which case they must go to Admitting.

Inpatient Information

  • Diagnosis: When scheduling the visit, inform the Scheduler if the subject is NOT a normal volunteer so that appropriate accommodations can be made for their medical condition.
  • Inpatients must go to Admitting upon arrival.
To allow for the possibility that a patient requires testing that is related to an acute medical state and not included in the research protocol, insurance information will be collected when the patient checks in at Admitting. Please inform the Unit Secretary if this procedure conflicts with some aspect of the confidentiality of your protocol. In the event that a patient becomes too ill to continue in a research protocol, please discharge them from the CRC immediately and re-admit them to a patient care unit. Acute care cannot be delivered on the CRC, unless the condition under study in the protocol requires the concommittent delivery of acute care.


Joan Bertolet, Nurse Manager
Tel. (802) 847-4874

Thank you for your assistance. We look forward to working with you at the CRC.

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