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If you have a QUESTION about the benefits cost share conversation, ask it here. If you wish to share a COMMENT and talk about how the cost share conversation touches you and your family, do that here as well. This web-based form is completely anonymous, unless you wish to enter your name and e-mail address in the spaces below.

Regardless of whether you give your name and e-mail address, any COMMENTS that you share during February 2014 will be passed along to the full University Benefits Advisory Council and will become part of the Report that is delivered to the President and Provost in early March.

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Because of the tight timeline, you should not expect to receive a personal answer to your QUESTION. However, if your question is deemed to be of interest to a larger audience of faculty and staff, your question and the answer may be posted on this website after any personal identifying information has been removed.

All written COMMENTS will be stripped of names and personal identifying information and be passed on to the UBAC to inform their thinking. All of the written feedback that the UBAC receives (again, minus personal identifying information) will become part of the final report to the President and Provost.

Please recognize that both University policy and federal law protect your right to enter fully into this dialogue. Your name will never be associated with questions that you ask or comments that you make, and the fact that you seek out information or share your thoughts can never be used against you in any way.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to participate in this important conversation.