After reviewing the University's salt purchase orders I obtained at the hub of the physical plant dapartment, I collected a sample of the actual salt and had it analysed at the University's Plant and Soil Science laboratory. Here are the results of my findings...

Salt Composition

Click here to see graphica representation of salt composition.


University Salt Purchase Orders

The University of Vermont has purchase order records dating back approximately seven years. The individual overseeing these purchases, Beverly Stout, a physical plant supervisor, states Vermont law requires the university have a minimum seven years of records and therefore she is in compliance. I was allowed to see three of these years: 1996-97, 1997-98, and 1998-99. All purchases are made with Cargill Salt Eastern located in Lansing, New York. All three include a blanket purchase order prior to October 1 of the year for 1,000 tons of salt. With an approximate unit price of $40/ton, the University is spending $40,000 on salt per year. As more salt is needed, the vendor is contacted to make a deliverery. My understanding, after a conversation with Beverly Stout, is that all the salt is used up between October and May of the following year.