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Colorado River Basin Erosion Rates

The Colorado River is the western drainage, carving the Grand Canyon and carrying sediment from much of the Colorado Plateau and parts of the Basin and Range. We have sampled the main stem river, as well as a series of tributaries, in order to determine the rate at which different parts of this landscape are changing.
Project Support
DOD DEPSCOR- Erosion and Sedimentation Extreme Environments: DAAD19-03-1-0205
Proposal Project Summary (download pdf)
People Working on this Project
Paul Bierman
Kyle Nichols
Abstracts Related to this Project

Cleveland, M., Nichols, K.K., Webb, R.H., Bierman, P.R., Larsen, J., and Finkel, R.C., 2006, Asymmetric tributary erosion rates of eastern Grand Canyon based on cosmogenic 10 Be: Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, v. 38, p. 282. (download pdf)

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