CNHS students

Doing All Things with Purpose

A five-hospital system that includes a Level 1 Trauma Center, the University of Vermont Health Network offers unparalleled opportunities for experience beyond the classroom.

Medical laboratory science students

A "Top Ten" to Study Health Professions

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences is ranked among USA Today's 2015 "10 Best Colleges to Study Health Professions" for quality majors, small classes, collaborative learning with faculty, and high salaries following graduation.

Nursing students in the clinical simulation laboratory

Our Commitment to Patient Care

College of Nursing and Health Sciences programs offer hands-on learning in settings including our on-campus Clinical Simulation Laboratory, the Eleanor M. Luse Center for Communication, and human motion analysis and child language labs.

Communication sciences and disorders student in the Eleanor M. Luse clinic

Serving Society

The Eleanor M. Luse Center for Communication, a nonprofit clinic that provides speech-language pathology and audiology services to the community, offers observation and practice opportunities for students.

Athletic training student with clinical preceptor

Promoting Health and Wellness

UVM's clinical affiliations with collegiate and high school sports teams, outpatient orthopedic rehabilitation clinics, and the College of Medicine regularly involve students with patients and athletes, coaches, athletic trainers, and other health care professionals.

Radiation therapy students in the classroom

Managing Disease and Disability

The University of Vermont is one of seven programs in the country with a Virtual Environment for Radiotherapy Training (VERT), a 3D virtual reality treatment simulator that allows students to practice administering radiation therapy.

Exercise and movement science with faculty in the lab

Preventing Illness and Injury

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences prepares students to be health care advocates who transform lives through health and wellness promotion, illness and injury prevention, and evidence-based clinical practice.

Work that Helps the World at Large

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences is educating the next generation of culturally competent health care professionals, serving societal need through a very purposeful continuum of patient care: preventing illness and injury, promoting health and wellness, and managing disease and disability.

We offer undergraduate degree programs in Athletic Training, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Exercise and Movement Science, Medical Laboratory Science, Medical Radiation Sciences, Health Sciences and Nursing; and graduate programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders, Medical Laboratory Science, Nursing, Physical Therapy and Interdisciplinary Human Functioning and Rehabilitation Science.

Career Preparation

Here's what students preparing to enter their fields have to say about the UVM experience.