IT Support for Students

All student IT support requests should go through ETS Client Services

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences recommends that all incoming first-year students purchase laptops. The specific recommendations are as follows:

Computers are available for purchase through the UVM Computer Depot.

IT Support for Faculty/Staff

If you are having an emergency and need immediate assistance, please call the UVM Computing Helpline at 656-2604.

All non-emergency requests should go through the CNHS Footprints database system.  If your problem involves internet access, your department's administrative staff can submit a Footprint for you.  

Instructions for creating a footprints request.

IT Support Contact Information 

Coordinator: Avery Bacon
Office: Rowell 310N
CNHS help hours: Monday through Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm
Phone: Administrative staff may call in the event of an emergency on behalf of faculty or staff.

Self-Help IT Resources

ETS Self-Help Podcasts

Several podcast tutorials created by ETS full-time and student staff.

How to connect to your files from home

Several options for connecting to Active Directory (MyDocs, H: drive, and S: drive) from home.  Off-campus access to your files.

E-mail configuration

E-mail at UVM is facilitated through Enterprise Technology Services (ETS). Learn all about e-mail at UVM on ETS's website.

Resetting passwords

ETS also handles NetID accounts and passwords. Go to the interface for resetting your password.

Leaving an out-of-office/vacation message on your e-mail

You may want to set up vacation notification when you're out of the office. Learn all about e-mail at UVM on ETS's website.

Oracle Calendar Log-in

You may do your scheduling through Oracle Calendar. Take a short-cut to the Oracle Calendar log-in screen.

Downloading new software for your computer

UVM maintains a collection of frequently-downloaded software for MACs and PCs. Log-in to the password protected software website.