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Health Sciences career options include hospital administration
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Health Sciences career options include patient advocacy

What is Health Science?

The goal of health science is the maintenance and improvement of health through the application of science. The field encompasses a variety of sub-disciplines relating to the care of health, including the study of public health, nutrition, disease and other issues that affect health and well-being.

UVM’s Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences degree prepares students for graduate programs in medicine, occupational or physical therapy, nursing and pharmacy, as well as roles in health care administration and program planning, patient and family advocacy, health education and health communications. The degree also provides a path for entry into a variety of accelerated graduate degree programs. Get more information >>

About the Program

The Health Sciences degree combines hands-on experience with courses in public and global health, statistics, health promotion and health care ethics to integrate basic and applied health theories and methods with real issues affecting populations. Students have the option to gain research experience with a faculty mentor, and select an optional minor or certificate complementing their career interests.

As part of the 120 credits required for the degree, students complete 36 credits in required Health Sciences courses, 18 credits in Natural and Applied Sciences and 18 credits in health-related electives.

Pre-Health Track

The pre-health track of the Health Sciences B.S. prepares students for graduate programs in medicine, occupational or physical therapy, nursing and pharmacy, as well as roles in health care administration. Required courses for graduate school application, as well as research and internship experience, can be incorporated into the four-year degree. Learn more about pre-health at UVM >>

Career Track

Electives, research and internship experiences can be selected to prepare students for entry into a career in their area of interest, from health care administration and program planning to health communications and health informatics. The Health Sciences major is offered as a four-year residential or online degree completion option.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there financial aid available for online degree completion students? Yes, visit the Student Financial Services website for more information.
  • What are some career options for someone with a Health Science degree? Health care program administrator/manager, health policy/program/budget analyst, health educator/specialist, health writer, patient and family liaison
  • Will the Health Sciences online degree completion program guarantee my admission to a graduate or professional school in a health-related field? Completion of this program will not guarantee admission to a graduate or professional school, but will strengthen your credentials and position you well to pursue advanced study.
  • I'm an adult learner who's been out of school for more than five years, but I have professional health care experience. Will my experience count in my application? Related experience will be considered in the application process. Academic credit for prior experience is not offered at this time.
  • Is there academic advising and support for online students? Yes. Upon admission, you will be assigned to a faculty advisor.
  • How long does it take to complete the program? Transfer students may complete their degree in approximately two years if most or all of the distribution requirements have been met before applying the Health Sciences major. The time it takes to complete the program is based on the number of credits you have earned prior to starting the program and how many you enroll in each semester. See the sample curriculum for further information.
  • Will I receive a UVM degree when I complete the program? Yes; you will be awarded the degree of Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences.

How to Apply

  • First-year residential students should apply via UVM Undergraduate Admissions.
  • Intrauniversity and external applicants for the residential program must have a minimum 2.3 GPA to apply. An applicant who plans to complete all the work online (online degree completion) must have a 2.7 to be considered. Questions about eligibility may be directed to the Office of Student Services within the College of Nursing and Health Sciences: (802) 656-3858 or
  • Pathway 1 - Intrauniversity Transfer Applicant

  • Current University of Vermont students may apply to transfer into the program at any time during their first two years as undergraduates. Students should be aware that this is not a fully online program until their distribution requirements are met, as the majority of the distribution courses are not currently offered online. All Health Sciences degree requirements are offered online. Application for Internal Transfer >>
  • Pathway 2 - External Transfer Applicant

  • Students can apply to this pathway if they have earned 30 credits at an accredited college or university and taken one semester of a course in natural, life or applied science with lab or practicum. Prospective students should be aware that 45 of the final 60 credits must be earned at the University of Vermont. Application for External Transfer >>

Tuition, Fees and Financial Aid

Major requirements

Beyond the classroom

Study Abroad, Internship and Research Opportunities

Study Abroad

UVM hosts a full-semester Health Sciences exchange program with Maastricht University in The Netherlands; and offers a variety of health-related short-term travel options in locations including Belize, Cuba, Mexico, Mongolia and Iceland. Learn more about UVM study abroad options >>

Internships and Field Experience

Students complete an interdisciplinary internship/field experience that focuses on health care, public health, community health or global health. Students will work with faculty to arrange an internship, research or service opportunity which provides an applied practical experience where students have the opportunity to integrate their knowledge, skills and experience. Fieldwork experiences may be in Vermont or elsewhere with approval from the Health Sciences program director. Internship settings include health care organizations, public health offices, and community-based and nongovernmental global health organizations.


Students have the option to work directly with UVM faculty in their research laboratories. Learn more about research opportunities >>


Students with a health sciences degree pursue careers in a variety of fields, including:

  • Health care administration, analysis and program planning
  • Patient and family advocacy
  • Health communications and education
  • Community health work
  • Health informatics
4 Year Plan for Career Success


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  • Health care administration and program planning
  • Patient and family advocacy
  • Health communications