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Department of Physics: Condensed Matter Theory Group

Dr. Chris Herdman Joins the CMT Group

Postdoctoral research associate is an expert in quantum Monte Carlo

Dr. Chris Herdman
Dr. Chris Herdman at the whiteboard.

Dr. Chris Herdman has joined the CMT group as a postdoctoral research associate working with Prof. Adrian Del Maestro.  He received his PhD in physics from the University of California, Berkeley in Birgitta Whaley's group, where his research focused on the intersection of condensed matter physics and quantum computation. His research interests include studying quantum phases of matter with computational methods; and he is especially interested in exotic quantum phases  and their application to quantum computation. 

Before joining the CMT group, he has primarily focused on studying so-called topological phases of matter; such exotic quantum phases of matter have been proposed as the basis of a quantum computer. In particular, he developed and used quantum Monte Carlo methods to study topological phases of quantum dimer models. Additionally, he has worked on developing approaches to robustly generate topological phases in experimental systems, such as neutral atoms trapped in an optical lattice.

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