University of Vermont

Department of Physics: Condensed Matter Theory Group

Condensed Matter & Materials Science Seminar

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Lane Manning
Department of Physics, UVM

"Exploration of Excitonic States in Dilute Magnetic Organic Semiconductors"

The electronic and excitonic properties of mixed dilute metal/metal- free phthalocyanine crystalline thin films are explored. The immediate focus is on molecular systems containing Cobalt and Copper phthalocyanines in ratios to the metal-free phthalocyanines ranging from 1:1 to 1:10. The molecular thin films samples are deposited using a novel hollow pen-writing technique[1] that produce millimeter sized grains with long range macroscopic order. Electronic and exci- tonic states are investigated using temperature dependent absorption/transmission and photoluminescence spectroscopy. All optical characterization indicates a very uniform mixing of the species is achieved in films without loss of long range order previously observed in individual species. At low temperatures, a novel high energy state is observed. Its intensity is directly related to the ratio of metal to metal-free Phthalocyanine. In addition, a unique linear dichroism mapping is performed on these thin film samples, giving insight into electronic states both close to and far from grain boundaries.

[1] R. Headrick et al, APL 92 063302 (2008)

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