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Dennis Clougherty

Dennis Clougherty

Research is concerned with high Tc superconductivity, magnetism, quantum sticking, density functional theory, the properties of fullerenes and nanotubes and Berry-phase effects in condensed matter systems.

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Valeri Kotov

Valeri Kotov

Research interests include studies of correlated electron systems and the electronic properties of Graphene.

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Adrian Del Maestro

Adrian Del Maestro

Current research involves the application of high performance computational tools to study the effects of strong interactions in condensed matter systems.

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Superfluidity in a Straw

Consider an experiment where one draws liquid through a straw by applying a pressure difference between its ends. This is equivalent to opening up a faucet, and the flow across the straw will depend on its size as well as the nature of the atoms making up the fluid inside it. Next, decrease the temperature to near absolute zero, ...


Students Delve into Materials World

Funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation, the UVM summer program on complex materials brings talented undergraduates from universities across the country to Burlington to work on research projects with the UVM faculty in the materials science program.  UVM has the only NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates ...


Electronic Conduction at the Edge

An international team of researchers including Prof. Adrian Del Maestro at the University of Vermont may have uncovered a way to improve the efficiency of proposed future electronics built from the edges of a new class of exotic materials.  In conventional electronic circuitry, electrons move through crystalline wires but their ...

Condensed Matter Theory @ UVM

We have a diverse set of interests spanning many areas of strongly correlated systems with a particular focus on working closely with our experimental colleagues in the Materials Science program to better understand the physical properties of complex materials for energy and technological applications.

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