Victoria DeVault

The role of SLAMf6 in NKT cells


The Boyson lab has identified a genetic locus that regulates Natural Killer T cell function. My specific project is to determine the role of SLAMf6, a gene located within this locus, on NKT cells. I chose UVM CMB because of its location near Lake Champlain, the caliber of research being performed on campus, and how happy everyone is. One of my favorite things to do is grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the lake.

Selected Publications

Borg ZD, Benoit PJ, Lilley GW, Aktan I, Chant A, DeVault VL, Rincon M, Boyson JE (2014) Polymorphisms in the CD1d promoter that regulate CD1d gene expression are associated with impaired NKT cell development. J Immunol 192(1): 189-99.

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   Jonathan Boyson, Ph.D.

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