Michael Secinaro

Effect of IL-2 and IL-15 on T cell metabolism and survival


I am originally from Attleboro, Massachusetts, and in May 2012 I graduated from the University of Connecticut with a B.S. in Molecular and Cell Biology. I entered the CMB program in the fall of 2012 and am doing my thesis work with Dr. Ralph Budd. Outside of the lab, you will find me with my camera, exploring and photographing everything Vermont has to offer.

Selected Publications

NC Butzin, MA Secinaro, KS Swithers, JP Gogarten, KM Noll. Thermotoga lettingae can salvage cobinamide to synthesize vitamin B12 AEM 2013 Nov 15; 79(22):7006-7012

KS Swithers, AK Petrus, MA Secinaro, CL Nesbø, JP Gogarten, KM Noll, NC Butzin Vitamin B12 synthesis and salvage pathways were acquired by horizontal gene transfer to the Thermotogales Genome Biology and Evolution 4 (8), 730-739

Contact Info


Office: C344 Given

Lab: C344 Given


   Ralph Budd, M.D.

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