Cell & Molecular Biology Program Event
Emily Larson

Dr. Emily Larson

Cellular and Molecular Biology
University of Vermont

New insights for the role of cell wall structure in regulating root hair cell shape and growth

Tuesday October 2nd, 2012
11:30 AM
Davis Auditorium

The plant cell wall is a dynamic matrix that lends structural support for cell shape, is an interface between the environment and the cell, and has an organization that is cell type specific. My doctoral work has focused on two experimental aims directed toward understanding mechanisms through which the cell wall affects cell shape and function during polarized growth in arabidopsis root hairs. The first project has focused on describing interactions between two root hair PRPs and the products of CSLD3, using a genetic approach. In the second project I used a microarray analysis to identify several genes whose expression is sensitive to changes in root hair cell wall structure and characterized a SNARE protein whose function is required for root hair growth. Together, the results from this work inform us about specific interactions between cell wall components that are important for root hair growth as well as a description of a subset of the transcriptome sensitive to changes in cell wall structure and an endocytic pathway that are sensitive to, and required for, root hair growth.

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