cGMP/PKG signaling in vascular smooth muscle; Pharmacology


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Recent Publications

Lee DI, Zhu G, Sasaki T, Cho GS, Hamdani N, Holewinski R, Jo SH, Danner T, Zhang M, Rainer PP, Bedja D, Kirk JA, Ranek MJ, Dostmann WR, Kwon C, Margulies KB, Van Eyk JE, Paulus WJ, Takimoto E, Kass DA (2015) Phosphodiesterase 9A controls nitric-oxide-independent cGMP and hypertrophic heart disease. Nature 519(7544): 472-6.

Held KF, Dostmann WR (2013) Real-time monitoring the spatiotemporal dynamics of intracellular cGMP in vascular smooth muscle cells. Methods Mol Biol 1020: 131-45.

Moon TM, Osborne BW, Dostmann WR (2013) The switch helix: a putative combinatorial relay for interprotomer communication in cGMP-dependent protein kinase. Biochim Biophys Acta 1834(7): 1346-51.

Held KF, Dostmann WR (2012) Sub-Nanomolar Sensitivity of Nitric Oxide Mediated Regulation of cGMP and Vasomotor Reactivity in Vascular Smooth Muscle. Front Pharmacol 3: 130.

Miller CL, Cai Y, Oikawa M, Thomas T, Dostmann WR, Zaccolo M, Fujiwara K, Yan C (2011) Cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase 1A: a key regulator of cardiac fibroblast activation and extracellular matrix remodeling in the heart. Basic Res Cardiol 106(6): 1023-39.

Osborne BW, Wu J, McFarland CJ, Nickl CK, Sankaran B, Casteel DE, Woods VL Jr, Kornev AP, Taylor SS, Dostmann WR (2011) Crystal structure of cGMP-dependent protein kinase reveals novel site of interchain communication. Structure 19(9): 1317-27.

Caldwell GB, Howe AK, Nickl CK, Dostmann WR, Ballif BA, Deming PB (2012) Direct modulation of the protein kinase A catalytic subunit α by growth factor receptor tyrosine kinases. J Cell Biochem 113(1): 39-48.

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Wolfgang Dostmann, M.D./Ph.D.

Dostmann, M.D./Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmacology


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