Role of Histones and Histone gene regulators during Cell Cycle


2004 – Ph.D. in Applied Biology – University of Mumbai, Mumbai, India
2005-2011 – Postdoc – University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, MA

Research Description

We are interested in understanding regulation of Histone genes during cell cycle of pluripotent cells (hES cells) and normal or cancer cells. We have identified sub-nuclear domains knows as Histone Locus bodies (HLBs) that are associated with Histone gene clusters and are temporally and spatially organized during G1/S transition of the cell cycle.
We are also investigating role of histone (H4) gene regulatory protein (HiNF-P) in vivo, to evaluate the consequence of HiNF-P ablation (complete Knock-out or conditional loss of HiNF-P) in vivo. We know that complete loss of HiNF-P causes embryonic lethality in mice at blastocyst stage. Therefore, we have developed a conditional knock out model, which will help us investigate importance of tissue specific loss of HiNF-P.

Ghule, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Department of Biochemistry


Office: Given E210C
Lab: Given E209

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